Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.

I thought the best way to start this blog would be to follow in the footsteps of other quilty bloggers, and write a list of ten quilt-related confessions. Air my dirty laundry, so to speak, right at the start. So, here goes:

  1. My quilting is fuelled by chocolate….. Not just any chocolate. Only Whittaker’s 5-rolled dairy milk chocolate. I always have a bar in the house, and every day sees me have just a few squares…..for energy. Its not like I couldn’t stop if I wanted to!
  2. and coffee. Plunger coffee preferably. I start the day with a full carafe, just to prop the eyelids open. I then try to restrict myself to one more coffee for the rest of the day. I figure its okay, since I use the coffee grounds to fertilise any acid-loving plants in the garden. Healthy plants store carbon, therefore helping combat climate change., So really, my habit is good for the environment.
  3. I make so many quilts in my head, I hardly have time to make any with my hands. This is the trap with reading so many blogs, but doing so is so enjoyable.
  4. I suffer photo envy. I can take a decent landscape photo, and excellent botany shots, but have no clues when it comes to staging a quilt shot. I look around my section and think, which backdrop? The weedy garden, or the rusty fence. I envy people with access to old farm gates, and farm machinery rusting in open corn or wheat fields.

    Battling the wind in Tongariro National Park. At least Mt Ruapehu looks good.
    Battling the wind in Tongariro National Park. At least Mt Ruapehu looks good.
  5. I bribe my daughter to bind my quilts. Yup, its out there now. I actually bribe my kids to complete my work, but hey, she has a better machine, and she’s just better at it than I am.
  6. Despite being previously employed in the environmental field, I have only just started to question the sustainability of my hobby. As a new quilter it was all about “I must have that fabric, it’s so beautiful”, but after realising the cost of quilting, both monetarily, and the effect of dyes and fabric production on the environment, I’m starting to make an effort to include more second-hand fabric. I’m haunting the local Arts Recycling Centre, where I can pick up fabric for next to nothing. I also never turn away fabric from others, including vintage cottons, which I adore.

    This was Saturday’s haul from the ARC. Some of the pieces may only yield a few 2 1/2 inch squares, but I couldn’t resist them.
  7. I don’t own a single quilt. That’s right, to date I have given away every quilt I have made. Some I still miss, especially my first, a batik masterpiece. I usually get to a certain point in the process, and start dreaming about who to give it to…then I feel duty bound to follow through. I am currently making a quilt I am determined to keep though, the Gypsy Wife quilt. It’s a pattern by Jen Kingwell, an Aussie designer.

    A sneak peek of the Gypsy Wife, as I am still hand quilting it with perle 8.
    A sneak peek of the Gypsy Wife, as I am still hand quilting it with perle 8.
  8. I iron and press. Just to cover my bases on this one.
  9. I can’t do free-motion quilting, so everything is ditch-stitched.  My daughter offered me lessons, so this may change in 2015.
  10. I procrastinate at starting any new project. The world is full of so many beautiful quilts, I find it hard to commit to making any, one, quilt. Should I go modern, scrap, or traditional? Use my stash, buy more fabric? I get paralysed, so I eat chocolate and buy more material. Needless to say, the ladies at all the quilt shops know me by name.

In this blog I plan keep track of my quilting education, and make an effort to connect with like-minded quilters, i.e. any quilters out there who like buying fabric, cutting it up, and sewing it back together. I suspect there are quite a few of us.


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Chocolate is a vitamin – essential to a woman’s health. especially when quilting.
    Looking forward to seeing what else you blog about. I don’t have a flash camera, and often think my photos are a bit sucky too.


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