Zaden’s quilt

This was a hard quilt to design, not because of the lack of good quilt designs out there, but simply because of some complicating factors around the recipient and her specific needs.


I needed a quilt suitable for a child who would be entering respite care on occasion, and so the quilt would potentially have a very hard life.

I won’t go into the details of the recipients health, but in the end I settled on a heavy duty quilt with a denim back, and some cotton drill on the front. I used as little quilt weight fabric as possible, so it won’t suffer going through the wash. I used some Dr Suess name blocks to spell out her name, and used up scraps to form log cabin blocks.

I used her name on the front, since I wanted something for her, and for which there would never be any argument about to whom it belonged.

Lots of quilting to make sure it doesn't come apart in the wash.
Lots of quilting to make sure it doesn’t come apart in the wash.

I will put it in the post this morning, with chocolate and coffee for her stepmom. Maybe something for her siblings too…..more chocolate?


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