England’s watching

“England’s Watching” is one of the New Zealand composed songs celebrated at an exhibition at Te Manawa. The exhibition marks 100 years since the Gallipoli landings during WWI, dwelling on the composers of popular songs of the day. The songs celebrate everything from the awful stew the army served up each night at camp, to the courage of those leaving to fight.

The Farewell Zealandia exhibition at Te Manawa is housed in an historic cottage in the museum grounds. All it needed was some quilts…

The exhibition provided an interesting place to show off my latest finish, since the subdued colours of the quilt reminded me of quilts of earlier times.


This quilt was based around one of the blocks I rescued from the Arts Recycling Centre. I surrounded the block with a piece of linen from my stash, and backed it with a remnant of blue and white spot cotton from Spotlight. I know some quilters like to co-ordinate their backing fabric with the quilt front, but my stash isn’t yet big enough for that to happen. Sigh. When I started quilting I bought half metres of everything, at most. It just never occurred to me that quilts need a back.

My lack of backing fabric sounds like a good reason for some internet shopping, especially since Hancocks of Paducah have sent me a new voucher to use.

The rescued block, now surrounded by a linen remnant from my stash.
The rescued block, now surrounded by a linen remnant from my stash (to the left).

The cottage is full of old furniture perfect for showing off quilts.


I bound the quilt with some binding I found in the sales bin at Spotlight, and undertook some slightly more adventurous quilting than I would usually attempt. This was because the quilt was small enough to turn repeatedly as I quilted.

I enjoyed the quilting process, and am starting to think the day of unpacking the free motion foot might be approaching. No need to rush, its only been 4 months since I bought it, so I might try matchstick quilting first.


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