WIP Wednesday, post migraine

Well, so that last post was a little on the negative side. Not quite existential angst, but certainly not my most optimistic and sunny post. Who new that being “over” quilting was a sign another migraine was on the way. In deference to any followers, and in just in case another such post gets written again, I thought a quick explanation was in order. I have chronic migraines, i.e. more than 15 a month. More like about five days a week, without a preventer. Finding a preventer that works is a long process, involving trials, side effects and withdrawal when drugs don’t prove helpful. Take Topomax, or the “evil” drug, as most users call it. It is brilliant at getting rid of migraines and chronic pain, the main side effect is that as an anti-convulsant it takes about 20 IQ points off, though on the plus side it also makes you lose weight (hooray!). Turns out it also made me allergic to sunlight. While I could handle the zombie like effects on my brain, turning into a sunlight-avoiding vampire was one side effect too many. Since the sun doesn’t shine too much here on the west coast of New Zealand over winter, this took a while to manifest. Sandomigran has reduced my migraines to paltry affairs, a couple of times a week. Lots of disorientation, but not too much pain. I don’t drive at night any longer, since I have proven that I don’t see things like approaching cars, or pedestrians, which is a necessary and safe part of driving according to my passengers. In addition, my migraine aura, the bit that warns you a migraine is coming, has changed….and hence the earlier post. So, here’s a more upbeat version of my quilty progress of late.

A VW can only add to the summery theme of the GW.

The Gypsy Wife hand quilting is coming along. I have been concentrating on stitching around the individual blocks, since the ribbons running through are largely done. I took it along to my quilt group the other night, since they hadn’t seen it since it was a pile of blocks. There was a bit of oohing and arghing,  and a general consensus that none of them would ever attempt it. They are all appliqué experts, and tend to avoid piecing. I have finished cleaning and ironing all my free fabric, whoopee! And then Lois arrived with more. Quilters are very generous, but I shall have to step up production in order to keep up with incoming fabric. I have several quilts buzzing around my head at the moment, just waiting to get out.

Stash enhancement by adopting unwanted fabric, especially browns, is a public service to the quilting community.
Stash enhancement by adopting unwanted fabric, especially browns, is a public service to the quilting community.

The Postage Stamp is basted, quilted, and I have found a method for the using backing as binding technique. Today is the big day to get this one off my WIP list.

All quilted, and ready to bind.
All quilted, and ready to bind.

That will leave the Pansy Monstrosity, and the Crazy Log Cabin quilts. I am still in denial over the Pansy Monstrosity, but since feedback over the Log Cabin was overwhelmingly positive, this one will get finished, rather than given away.

The apparently not too bright log cabin quilt.
The apparently not too bright log cabin quilt.

So, thanks for hanging in, if you made it this far. Enjoy your week. Linking up with Lee at WIP Wednesday and Lets Bee Social.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday, post migraine

  1. i LOVE your blog….

    but…. about the migraines: do you document everything you’ve done AND eaten/drank in the 24-48 hours before the migraines?? i found i could side-step many of them, by eliminating a few different ingredients. (i found that hidden ingredients are the worst)
    i don’t wish a migraine on ANYone..



  2. Hi Eva, thanks for your comment. Yes, unfortunately I am one of those women who are hanging out for a “certain change” to occur amongst other things, to bring them to a halt. I was sick as a teen, and given some nasty treatments, and they started me down this road. Short of a time machine…..as for diet, I have pretty much taken out all processed food, except for the occasional cracker, and pastuerised milk ( only because I got sick of washing milk bottles, and driving half an hour to pick up raw milk). I have a child with CFS/ME and fibro, and another with Autism Spectrum Disorder, so I suspect there are some autoimmune issues, but we await the research. I have learnt to enjoy the good days, and take it easy on the not so good days, luckily there are now far fewer of them.


  3. I just came across your blog via Sew Fresh Quilts. I can totally relate to you. When I started peri-menopause my migraines kicked in full force. I usually had 2-3 per week. I took all those preventive with little success. (Topomax is horrible, isn’t it?) The prodromal (pre-migraine) symptoms are wicked and crazy. I tried all the diet modifications until I made myself crazed with it. When menopause finally happened the bulk of the migraines calmed down. Hang in there and be kind to yourself. I hate being ill all the time and know exactly what you are dealing with. Plus everyone and their mother has a suggestion of how to cure it. Really difficult time for you, I know. Hope that hormonal changes will help you down the road. Take care.


    1. Hi, thanks for visiting. Yes, I sometimes feel like the only woman I know hanging out for menopause. Unfortunately it’s a few years off yet. In the meanwhile, I have more time for quilting, so it’s not all bad! Actually I have found hand quilting is quite meditative, especially long lines of stitching. It’s a bit like practising mindfulness, only more productive.


  4. Hope that the migraine will go away… ASAP!
    Your quit projects are really joyful, playful and cheery!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com


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