Oh dear!

This morning I decided to start on a new quilt, placing the Fairy block at the centre of small Ohio stars. I got the idea for the quilt from a Sarah Fielke pattern called “Rocket Man”, from her book Material Obsession. I would like to make quite a few quilts from this book, and have considered working my way through it non-sequentially. I know I’ve come across a QAL suggesting this very activity, but can’t remember whose blog. Can anyone help me out?materialobsessionUSversion

My plan is to replace the central rocket panel in the pattern with the fairy, and change the colour palette to a yellow/green/hints of red theme.

A fairy, a free pattern from Tartan Kiwi.
The fairy, a free pattern from Tartan Kiwi.

I decided to dip into my beloved Art Gallery Fabrics for this project, making use of a citrus bundle I bought on sale last year. I keep my AGF collection in a separate box, as it is very precious. Almost all the fabrics have been ordered online, as my LQSs do not stock AGF. I keep dropping hints though, and if I give her a list, Dianne at Village Books and Crafts has kindly offered to hunt some down from her wholesaler. Persistence pays off! She has even offered to get in some Aurifil thread, another thing on my wish list.

At this stage things started unravelling. You might notice I am blogging, not sewing, as I had planned.

Having only just recently discovered that lint builds up inside a sewing machine with use (face-palm!), I thought I would be virtuous and clean my machine, wind my bobbins, change the needle etc before starting the new project.

I put out my rubbish, cleaned my workspace, and wound a bobbin. I dusted away merrily inside my machine, then thought I would remove the foot to allow me to clean out the feed dogs properly. The screw dropped out, bounced into the bobbin case, and fell through a hole into the bowels of my machine. Oh. Dear. My dealer has suggested a rescue may be possible, but I might have to send my machine off to get the screw surgically recovered. Poor Brunhild.

I am eating some Banana cake to get over my frustration.

I can’t even post a picture of my fabric pull for the quilt. Apparently I have Dropbox on my computer, and they will let me download my camera if I pay them US$9.99 per month, or US$99 per year. I have no idea how to make room for more photos, other than caving and sending money away to this mysterious Dropbox entity, as all IT problems in our family are handled by The Hubbie. As are installations and licensing of all mysterious computer programmes. Whenever he gets a certain gleam in his eye, we all know to hide our computers, or we will be running a new Linux version, in the twinkling of an eye. So, no photos of my gorgeous fabrics for now.

Trying to look on the plus side, my machine is probably due for a service, since I have had it for 18 months now. And the enforced break from sewing will make me concentrate on finishing the hand sewing on the Gypsy Wife.

The GW earlier in the year. Since then Mt Ruapehu (in the background) has had substantial snow accumulate, thanks to our El Nino winter.

The Dragon block I inherited from my daughter has also had some attention, and it now sports some fancy nail and spine polish in gold. He’s also had a trip to the dentist, and his teeth are now pearly white. More next time when the camera is sorted.

I just have to stay away from the Banana cake.

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5 thoughts on “Oh dear!

  1. Bummer about your machine! Hopefully the screw can be retrieved locally….. Your fairy block is just darling! My girls would love it! And ART GALLERY – oh, how I love art gallery fabrics! (I’ve just recently starting tossing one or two into my cart….) I’m dreaming of a quilt with the top made entirely from AG fabrics, filled with wool batting and backed with voile. It would be so scrumptious, how it *looked* would be entirely bonus
    Happy stitching ~ Tracy


    1. Yes, art gallery fabrics are special. I look out for specials, or just add from the clearance section when placing an online order. So, my collection is rather eclectic.


  2. nah, you should never stay away from cake, cake is good for you! Sorry to hear about your machine, surely he’ll be able to fish it out as it’s not like it’s become fused to another part. Love the fairy block.


    1. Unfortunately surgery by the regional rep is required, so Brunhild is sitting at the dealers for a while. I have decided to concentrate on finishing the GW in her absence.


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