Alice, a pictorial post

Daughter #2’s latest completed project, in pictures. Started after a workshop on the use of text in quilts at Village Books and Crafts with the lovely Dianne.

The inspiration


You’re entirely bonkers, but I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are (Alice talking to the Mad Hatter).





All quilted and bound and thrown in a pile, waiting for the day she has a studio wall to adorn. Now it’s onto some Neil Gaiman quotes. Inspiration has hit, but won’t be shared until she has ironed out the design issues. Ideas seem to percolate in her head for a day or two, before she moves ahead on a project. While that is happening, a zippered pouch or two gets made, or another dress.

Wishing you a good week from the wintery, wet Manawatu.


5 thoughts on “Alice, a pictorial post

  1. Thanks, this is my daughters work. I think of myself as the crafter, and her as the artist in training. Its fun watching her journey, and feeding her creativity.


    1. Yes, I have suggested to my daughter that she take lots of photos, and I will post her progress. She doesn’t want to blog, but its worth keeping track of her projects I think.


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