A Friday Finish

Just to prove I am a slow adopter, or terribly behind the times, I tackled sewing some “magic” or 15 minute pillowcases yesterday for the first time.

I wandered into my LQS with my daughter, and while she was busy finding art supplies, I laid eyes on some gorgeous fabric. It had been languishing on the bottom shelf, unloved and out of sight, and had now made it into the sale bin (only $15/m). I needed this fabric!

Art Nouveau Romance by RJR Fashion Fabrics.
Art Nouveau Romance by RJR Fashion Fabrics.

Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so when I showed the Hubbie, he thought it was hideous.

How can anyone resist Art Nouveau mosquitoes?
How can anyone resist Art Nouveau mosquitoes?

I like Art and Crafts, Art Nouveau and English primroses, so the fabric ticked a lot of boxes for me. I collect china with primroses, and grow yellow primroses in the front garden among native ferns and species lilies. The Hubbie likes coding data, as a hobby, so the finer things in life like primroses tend to pass him by.

The second fabric, Art Nouveau Revisited by RJR Fashion Fabrics.
The second fabric, Art Nouveau Revisited by RJR Fashion Fabrics.

Never mind, it was bought and paid for.

It turns out I didn’t buy enough for normal pillowcases, but the magic pillowcase pattern uses a contrasting cuff, so I only needed 27 inches of the main fabric. Do-able! I used some fabric I had bought for the Midnight at the Oasis quilt for the remainder, since I wanted to make the pillowcases straight away.

I watched the Shabby Fabric Youtube video, then ventured out to create.

It actually worked, and I only had to unpin everything once per pillowcase, since I kept putting right sides down, instead of up.  So, I am now the owner of two gorgeous (or horrific) pillowcases, which will adorn the bed as soon as I have washed them.P1060862

Unfortunately the plaid fabric I used was printed quite a lot off grain. I cut according to the grain without thinking too much about it, and then ended up with wonky plaid on the cuffs. Next time I will cut to keep the pattern straight.

I have been informed that it is quite normal to sew a matching pair of these, at the completion of a quilt project. In future I shall buy more fabric (yippee) to make sure I have enough to do so. Today I shall rummage in the Gypsy Wife #1 pile to see if I have enough fabric left over for binding and pillowcases. If not, Berry Patch Cottage still has some in stock.

I am still awaiting Brunhild’s return from the dealer, but she should be back any day now. Fingers crossed for today, to be followed by a weekend of sewing up a storm.

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7 thoughts on “A Friday Finish

  1. I recognise that first fabric – showing my age here! You’ve made a very pretty pillowcase with it! I had some in my stash years ago and I couldn’t think how to use it so I added to a bundle that I sold on Trade Me.


  2. I haven’t bought fabric off trademe, but it did lead me to Thumpacat fabrics. I quite like their $1 grab bags. Have a good weekend, try and keep dry.


  3. Thanks. I took the pillowcases back to the shop I bought the fabric from, and the owner informed me they were a traditional Art Nouveau element. Who would have guessed.


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