Midnight at the Oasis #2

P1060879No, its not snowing! This is the side of the box my Brunhild was couriered to me in. Yes, I now have a sewing machine again.

Of course it cost so much to retrieve the screw I dropped in her innards, I could have almost bought another sewing machine. But only a basic one. And they did clean out her innards, and do a little dusting while her covers were off. So at least I don’t have to pay for a service any time soon. Gotta look on the bright side.

Speaking of bright…

Midnight at the Oasis version #2, the night-time version.

In her absence, I continued churning out appliquéd blocks. I have committed myself to making two versions of Jen Kingwell’s Midnight at the Oasis by making the second border blocks for version #2, though I have still to sew around the “petals” yet.

Unlike version #1, this quilt will lean heavily on the Midnight theme, and features some garden related fabrics I have been stashing for the purpose. It features beetles, birds and flowers in the block backgrounds. I am trying to stay within a more limited palette, using only blue and the secondary colours either side of it.

Midnight at the Oasis, the sunny version.
Midnight at the Oasis version #1, the sunny summery version.

In contrast, I intend to use pretty much as many colours as have been invented in version #1. A bit like my summer garden. As much as I might wish to recreate the  White Garden at Sissinghurst, my flower beds end up containing whatever pretty flowers catch my eye as I stroll through the garden centre. A colourful, chaotic, riot of colour. With weeds.

The fabric for this quilt has sort of outgrown its container, but buying a larger container would be admitting I have a little too much fabric.
The fabric for this quilt has sort of outgrown its container, but buying a larger container would be admitting I have a little too much fabric.

To avoid my scrap collection growing too much further, I am also trying to use up the batik and hand-dyed fabric scraps I bought from the Art Recycling Centre. The quilts feature lots of appliqué and paper piecing, so most of these scraps will get used on them.P1060885Speaking of paper piecing, I have been encouraged by all and sundry to give it a go. So last weekend I drafted the pattern for the centre medallion, and am waiting for The Hubbie to return home with photocopies. I figure by the time I have sewn the four pieces twice, I should have the basics under control.

I may take a break from this quilt for a couple of weeks and finish off some other quilts, now Brunhild has returned. I have a birthday deadline in a few weeks, and I may finish the Pansy Monstrosity and gift it to my MIL. She didn’t recoil in horror when she saw it, and mentioned she would take it if I didn’t want it.  Since I don’t see how I can co-ordinate a quilt featuring 28 pansy fabrics with my bedrooms floral wallpaper, I think it will be winging its way north shortly.

All will be revealed in a later post.

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14 thoughts on “Midnight at the Oasis #2

    1. Thanks. The chair was used by my Mum as her painting chair and was covered with paint drips as a result. It was on its way into a skip when I grabbed it.


    1. thanks. I just need to be sure I avoid the “purple people eater” look but injecting a little bit of contrast every now and again. Thanks for visiting.


  1. These are beautiful quilts and awesome photos. I’m glad you’ve got your sewing machine back, and I love how you tricked me with the snow picture. I was thinking where does this woman live?
    Good luck keeping your scraps under control. Mine are starting to take over again.


    1. I’m doing the cheats version, since this is my first attempt at applique too. No hand sewing for me quite yet, I will be satin stitching the edges of all those petals.


    1. Yes, I even contemplated dragging out my old Bernette. Except that its tension issues were the reason I upgraded machines. I suspect that if I want to carry on with quilting, I need a second, reliable machine. Just in case.


  2. Yes, fabric control is something my Hubbie is especially keen on. As long as he doesn’t look too hard in the closets, I can maintain the impression of a small stash.


  3. Love the two versions you are making. I’m like you, I plan out my garden borders and then rip it up a soon as I get to the garden centre.I’m off to a garden show on Saturday, heaven only knows what I’ll come back with. I’m worse with plants than I am with fabric


    1. Have fun, Garden Shows are as much fun as Quilt Shows, aren’t they. After we win Lotto (hard because we don’t buy tickets), my Mum and I are going to Chelsea Garden Show. It would be wonderful to see new plants being bought to market. Thanks for visiting.


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