Friday Flimsy Finish

I’d holler and hoot with excitement for having finished the top I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks, but I’m too tired, and desperately  in need of a cup of tea. If my children were mind-readers, they’d be boiling the jug as I write this, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Excuse the photo, its the end of the day, the shadows are long, and the westerlies are a blowing.

So, drum roll please……Introducing “Blackcurrant tea”, or “Twilight in the Delphinium patch” or some other name….any suggestions? It needs a garden related name, since I included birds, beetles and botanicals amongst all those fabrics. Too many fabrics to count.

I had it in mind to gift this one to Daughter #1 when finished, as purple is her favourite colour, and I haven’t made her a quilt yet. She has previously asked for a quilt made from my precious French General Josephine charm squares, but I am trying to provide alternatives. After viewing the quilt for the first time, she has informed me she loves it….except for the spots. Needless to say, I am not undoing it to replace the main fabric! My precious French General fabric may still need to be sacrificed.

I love the back of the quilt flimsy, it shows up the scrappy fabric choices I made even better than the front. Many of the fabric scraps were purchased as individual charm squares, or were fabric scraps from the Arts Recycling Centre.P1070273

I will go into the construction details at some later stage, but for now I am just happy to see it finished. I will say though, my first quilting with Aurifil thread has been quite enjoyable. More thread seems to fit on the bobbin, so fewer pesky bobbin changes.

Now, what to do with all the left-over borders, scraps and such? As per usual, I made enough of some things to make two quilts. At some stage I should read up on “Quilt Math”, perhaps the answers to my over abundance of blocks may lie in calculating my quilt requirements before I start sewing?

Have a good weekend. Here in the Manawatu it’s going to be sunny for half the weekend (hooray!), so potato planting is on the agenda. Roll on Spring.

Linking up eventually with Crazy Mom Quilts, and TGIFF.


7 thoughts on “Friday Flimsy Finish

  1. I love the title “Twilight in the Delphinium Patch”. Suits the colours of the quilt and it reminds me of our garden when I was a little girl. Dad grew delphiniums of every shade of blue – from the palest blue through to deep purple. Happy memories.


    1. That was my first stab at a name, since the colours do so remind me of Delphiniums. I think I’ll keep it. My Delphiniums are struggling to grow at the moment, surrounded as they are by rapidly growing dock plants. They are one plant I don’t mind fussing a little over, so I shall give them some care and attention this week.


    1. Daughter #2 has decided I can make her a purple quilt after all, minus the spots. So, I might actually end up using the scraps up after all. I’m thinking an improv nine patch or something similar, with some sashing between the blocks. I’ll pile the scraps up, and wait till they incubate some ideas.


  2. Ooo, Tarnia! What a fantastic quilt top~! So glad you linked it at TGIFF. I adore delphiniums, but I’m super in love with “Blackberry Tea”. A lot of work in this one, and the fabrics are really wonderful together.


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