A Friday Finish – Fabric Basket

Last night was spent very productively at a class at Village Books and Crafts making a fabric basket.

Daughter #2 sewing away on her Bernina.
Daughter #2 sewing away on her Bernina.

I raided my stash of home dec fabric to take along, thinking we would finish a couple of baskets before the evening was finished. Nope, just one between the two of us. We always say it feels like you have half a brain when a migraine hits, and yesterday both Daughter #2 and I were afflicted. Last night we proved it, one of us in charge of cutting, pinning and ironing, the other driving the sewing machine. At the end of the evening our combined efforts equalled those of the one other participant. No more medical proof is required!

The home dec fabric proved a little hard to sew, especially the handles. No broken needles, but a change to a jeans needle was required and a few fingers were stuck trying to get pins through the layers. In future I would definitely use a quilt weight fabric.

The finished basket

All packed up with the fabric we didn’t use. Plenty of room for scraps that’s for sure.

We made a large basket, 10 inches in diameter, and 8 inches high. I wanted something substantial to contain all the little fabric scraps presently stored on a desk top, and destined for a scrap vortex quilt, or similar.

The next baskets will have a strip of lining fabric visible around the top, but I didn’t get the instruction to cut the inner fabric longer, so we improvised. They certainly look better with a contrasting trim.

Never mind, it is still good for purpose, and I will take the basket out to the quilt shed later and fill it with little scraps. Another basket in a bright batik is cut, and ready to sew before the weekend is out. I hope your weekend is as productive.

On another note, the Rugby World Cup starts overnight with England vs Fiji. I won’t mention who I’m backing! I foresee lots of hand sewing in my near future, while watching replays.

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3 thoughts on “A Friday Finish – Fabric Basket

  1. I am very impressed that both you and your daughter could take part in a Workshop when you were both suffering from migraine. When I had migraines I had to go to bed! Your basket looks great. Well done!


  2. Yeah, my Daughter often has pain free migraines, all aura and disorientation, nausea, brain fog etc, but little pain. As for me, my preventer works to take the peak of the pain away, so I just soldier on. Back in the day when I went blind, dumb, and lost the ability to walk with a migraine, bed was obviously the only option. Luckily for me, it appears pregnancy and childbirth was the cause of the worst ones. You can see from the photo how big my “baby” is now, so they have abated since then. Roll on menopause, when apparently they might cease altogether.
    Have a good weekend.


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