An unexpected change of plans

I had it all planned, my first QAL. Instead of starting and completing the quilt 6 months after the QAL ended, I was committed to participating in a timely manner.The Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt - jacket art

My plans lasted the period from when I discovered the QAL, blogged my intention to join… when I left for overseas. At this point I fell behind, since I was sans sewing machine and fabric. So, I failed my first QAL, pretty much right from the get-go.

What’s a girl to do but pick herself up, dust herself off, and change her plans.

So, I have joined the second version of the 1930’s Farmers Wife QAL, hosted by Gnome Angel.


My aim with this quilt is to make sufficient blocks for a cot or small quilt, in a mixture of old-fashioned florals with a definite feminine vibe. I’m probably not going to complete all the blocks, and may make some of my favourites twice.

I’ve collected together a mix of fabrics including some vintage Cranston Printworks scraps from a vintage fabric sale held last year, some small florals I won early this year, and some 1930’s reproduction fabrics from Moreland’s Fabric that I picked up for a song.

This week’s three blocks were pretty simple to make, requiring only a little time with a rotary cutter and sewing machine.

First up was Becky…IMG_0192

Then Bonnie…IMG_0194

And finally Aunt.IMG_0189

I was tempted to stick with a more limited palette in the blues and greens, but I threw some pink in the Queen block. The idea after all is to produce something with a scrappy, yet restful vibe. Some yellow will join the mix, but I’ll stay away from purples and oranges. Ideally this would be the first quilt for a niece, but I’m just waiting for my siblings to decide to present me with one. I’m one of seven children, so the odds are pretty good for another niece eventually.IMG_0197

The trip to Brisbane for our anniversary went well. Quilt shops were visited, as was IKEA (a big deal in a country with no IKEA). I even came  back with some IKEA Numbers fabric to back a quilt. It ended with a spectacular fireworks display on the Brisbane River on our last night, unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice. Near a hundred photos, and I mistimed all of them with the fireworks. Go figure!

Hope your weekend is going well. Apparently we will be experiencing gale force winds tomorrow, so kite flying sounds like a good option.


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