Fast food finish

In the spirit of continuing from where I left off yesterday, today saw me pulling out all the stops this morning to finish my happy scrappy quilt.P1070489

The tutorial is quite complicated, but I shall summarise as simply as I can.

First, make a Postage Stamp Quilt using the tutorial by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts.

The Postage Stamp Quilt
The Postage Stamp Quilt

Next, realise your 2×7 inch strips are doing a “Fishes and Loaves” number on you, and make two Coin Quilts form the “leftover” strips.IMG_0002

Lastly, in sheer desperation to be rid of the strips which have hanging around for over a year, sew all the remaining strips together to make a quilt top. Do not add borders or strips between the rows, or you will still not be rid of the strips.P1070491

The last step is to find someone willing to take the resulting, rather chaotic mess, off your hands. I will deliver this one to it’s new home next week.

I have just a handful of strips left, thankfully not enough to make anything else. To make sure the strips don’t continue multiplying, I shall donate them to the Arts Recycling Centre. They can continue multiplying in someone else’s scrap box!

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7 thoughts on “Fast food finish

  1. Scraps breed in the box when you’re not looking. Don’t bother doing math – it’s not a good scrap contraceptive.


    1. Oh, that was my future plan. Do I just resign myself to being overun by scraps on a regular basis then? I guess thats why some bloggers give away their scraps as a regular prize.


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