Another week on…and further behind

Time seems to be passing very quickly at the moment. With my Mums health requiring our attention, we have spent quite a bit of time out of town. This means of course that all the usual weekend activities get compressed into mid-week time-slots, leaving me feeling a little tired, frazzled and over-whelmed. I forgot I had arranged for my best friend to visit this morning, leaving her to have a conversation with Daughter #1 for 3/4 hour, until I turned up from grocery shopping.

FarmersWife1930sBanner-200pxQuilting has consisted of trying to catch up on my 1930’s Farmer’s Wife Quilt, and falling further and further behind. I am about ready to call it a day, and hang up my feedsack apron strings on this one.P1070694

I am finding I just do not have the requisite concentration levels at the moment to make these blocks, and somehow my latest effort ended up quarter of an inch too small, despite using the templates, and my points are not matching well. I might just make a few more simple 6 1/2 inch blocks, then with the benefit of some sashing, sew the blocks into a cot or bassinet quilt. Book for sale, anyone?

Instead, I have moved back to my Gypsy wife #2, since I find that piecing a bit more relaxing. Just a few blocks to be done, then it’s time to put them all together.

The first half square triangle block for Gypsy Wife #2.
The first half square triangle block for Gypsy Wife #2.

This last weekend we managed to fit in checking in on Mum, picking up our new dog Miko, and attending the Taranaki Rhododendron Festival. Oh, and checking out a new quilt shop in Hawera.

Firstly, the quilt shop. I had been informed a few years earlier that there were no fabric shops left in Hawera, only a shop selling a little wool. Since Stratford is only half an hour away, and in possession of a very fine patchwork and wool shop (In Stitches), this was only a small problem. I felt sorry for the local quilters of course, imagining them marooned in their small town, without the benefit of fabric acquisition at a moments notice.

While sipping a mocha, and wandering down the main road in Hawera on Saturday morning, I noticed a new(ish) sign advertising fabric. There was very little cotton fabric for sale at Gabrielle’s sewing and alterations, but the owner handed me a small card, and gave directions to a local quilt shop. As it turns out, I have passed Wildflower Creations every time I drove through Hawera for the last four years. They have a lovely large classroom area, lots of lovely fabrics (including a box of $10 specials), and stock a wide range of Clover accessories, embroidery threads, and notions.

A 2016 project offered by Wildflower Creations.
A 2016 being project offered by Wildflower Creations.

I restrained myself since I had The Hubbie in tow, and he was making rude comments suggesting I had no willpower around fabric. I shall go back without him at some stage!

The Hubbie, he's a little camera shy.
The Hubbie, he’s a little camera shy.

We dragged Mum out to see some gardens, mainly to take her mind off the Rugby World Cup Final (which NZ won!). The gardens in the Rhododendron Festival were gorgeous, as always. Since we had limited time this year, we targeted the gardens of Bells Block and the surrounding area. Last of all was the garden belonging to the owners of Big Jim’s Nursery. It was splendiferous! P1070638We had to rush since the afternoon was coming to a close, having only an hour left in the day, but lingered in the New Zealand themed garden. We enjoyed a seat overlooking the river…

Mum and I...
Mum and I…

And would love to have been able to bake a trout from the river over their fire pitP1070653

The shadows falling around the birch trees bought to mind all the quilts I have seen over the last year using these straight, mottled trunks as inspiration.P1070669We returned home on Sunday with our new dog, Miko. Tonight we start obedience training, where hopefully we can learn some new skills. I am used to farm dogs which don’t require walking, never come in the house, and spend hours in their runs waiting for their next job. It is going to be very different keeping a dog in town. Since she is an ex-farm dog, we have to teach her to play, and instill some confidence in her that disobedience will not result in physical punishment.

Wish us luck!

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5 thoughts on “Another week on…and further behind

  1. Beautiful photos for such a lovely post. I hope your Mom health improves. I’m happy that you found the quilt shop after all these years . It will be fun to back without the hubby so you can forget about your willpower.


  2. Sounds like you have certainly been very busy. Your blocks both look fabulous in my opinion. I don’t think you should give up just yet. Thanks for taking us for a trip with you through the gardens. Lovely!


  3. I am still working on a quilt I started with a QAL in April 2014! I am going to finish it ! Is there any reason you have to finish it now – or can you just be a bit more lenient with yourself and do it at your own pace? We have to take care of ourselfs too – not overwhelming and overburdening us… but you probably hat a reason to start it, you liked it… so if you can – I would put it on hold till you are in the mood again. PS: And thanks for the nice garden pics.


    1. Thanks for your sage advice and encouragement. I have put the blocks to one side on my design wall. I will return to them after finishing a few other WIP’s, and some Christmas quilts. Hopefully by then I will have regained my enthusiasm for the project.


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