Gypsy Wife #2

ame1170_gypsy_wife_210x270_fa_page_01Woohoo, I’ve finally finished all the blocks for Gypsy Wife #2…well, all except the block I have decided to replace (see below).

I started this version pretty much straight after I finished Gypsy Wife #1. I enjoyed the piecing, the jigsaw puzzle approach to putting it together, and the big stitch hand quilting. So I dove right into the fray again, this time planning a “winter” version of the quilt. It got put aside for a while, when I managed to lose a screw in my sewing machine, which meant a four week break from sewing.

Gypsy Wife #1 on the washing line, earlier in the year. It's now on my bed, my favourite quilt.
Gypsy Wife #1 on the washing line, earlier in the year. It’s now on my bed, my favourite quilt.

The first version I made was the first quilt I have completed and kept for myself, all the others being quilts I made for fun, for utility, or as a way of using scraps. As a beginner quilter I have made lots of mistakes as I have taught myself to quilt, but as a perfectionist, I didn’t want to stare at those mistakes every day on my bed. So, I have been very generous (?) in giving away quilts to whoever wanted them, until I made one I just couldn’t bear to give away.

I love the craziness of Jen Kingwell quilts, and this quilt was the beginning of my decision to make as many of her quilts as possible. I have started one other (Midnight at the Oasis), and have amassed the supplies for a third (Small World).

The completed blocks for Gypsy Wife #2.
The completed blocks for Gypsy Wife #2.

My aim for this quilt was to make it look like a dark, gypsy shawl, with old-fashioned roses, shots of rich, dark colours, and gold tassels. I also tried to make sure I had a wide range of value between the blocks, using Widescreen by Caroline Friedlander in grey for many blocks.

Overall, there are too many fabrics to count, since many were small scraps donated to me at the NZ Quilt Symposium, held here in Palmerston North in February. It’s great to have so many scraps in this quilt as a permanent reminder of such a fun symposium, and generous quilters.P1070710

This is also the quilt in which I first started using Kaffe Fassett fabrics, a slippery slope which has led to much stash enhancement.

The Star Block, one of favourite blocks in the quilt with it's clear value differences and Kaffe cabbages.
The Star Block, one of favourite blocks in the quilt with it’s clear value differences and Kaffe cabbages.

The next step is to wander off to the bach (holiday home) in a couple of weeks, and start the construction phase. Since I have only three and a half days sewing there, I might start sewing a section or two together beforehand. It would be nice to return from my break with a completed flimsy.

I just have to replace this block..

The offending block. I know I was desperately trying to use up scraps, but really?
The offending block. I know I was desperately trying to use up scraps, but really? I might be able to get away with changing the last border, it’s the orange I find particularly hard on the eyes.

On another note, I mentioned in my last post we picked up our new dog, Miko. Last night was her first night at obedience class, only two days after we got her. She did really well, and as you can see from the photo, both she and The Hubbie concentrated hard to follow all the instructions.

Manawatu Canine Obedience Club Grounds, Ashhurst.
Manawatu Canine Obedience Club Grounds, Ashhurst.

Enjoy your week. We are huddling around the heaters here, looking forward to some”proper” Spring weather. I have abandoned all hope of growing tomatoes this year, or peppers, it’s just too cold.

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20 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife #2

    1. The next bit is choosing the fabrics for the strips that run through the quilt. I suspect this will involve throwing lots of fabric around my studio, while searching for those perfect colours amongst the stash. There is something to be said for buying fabric as you need it.


    1. how are you enjoying the construction phase? I must admit I am having a little more trouble choosing colours for the strips this time, since I am working with less of a defined palette. I suspect I might end up changing my mind a few times, and employing a seam ripper.


    1. Yes, she is cute and I suspect I might make a few dog gone cute dog blocks at some stage to celebrate her arrival. I wanted to join in the QAL, but had a few too many projects on the go.


  1. It’s interesting to see the two different versions of the same quilt. Gypsy Wife 1 is so soft and Gypsy Wife 2 is so vibrant. They are both beautiful quilts and look like they would be very interesting to make.


    1. She was cute right up til she dug her first hole in the backyard. I had a flashback to our last dog at that stage. Pony dug a hole so deep, we planted a camellia in it to deter further digging. Our lawn looked pretty peculiar with a camellia right next to the clothesline! Thanks for visiting.


    1. Thanks for visiting. Yes, this stage of the construction is fun, and challenging. It certainly requires a big design wall, or a large area of floor space with no small children or animals around.


    1. I enjoyed version #1 so much, I just had to make it again. Apparently I have Romany in the genes, so this will be my homage to that, given I am sort of the opposite in character…..give me routine, surety, and a fixed abode any day! Plus of course, as a kiwi I dress routinely in black, sort of the opposite of Gypsy clothing.


    1. Go for it, its a fun quilt to make. If you google it, you can see the amazing range of colourways used, as its very versatile and able to use up a lot of scraps. Make sure you download the errata though, there are a couple of errors in the original version of the pattern. Thanks for visiting.


    1. Very lost! So lost, I took up making haxies, then had all these hexies in fabric I didn’t like that I had to do something with. I have put them aside until next time my machine breaks down.


  2. Very cool quilts there – no wonder you couldn’t bear to part with your #1 🙂 Thanks for your email with the query about mixed media enthusiasts….no group that I know of. Perhaps something to think about in 2016! Enjoy turning your blocks into a quilt top – and do come introduce yourself if you see me at the next Rose City Quilters’ meeting.


    1. Your “Gypsy Wife” quilt is beautiful. I am currently working on my first attempt at one, just using my collection of scraps. I m really enjoying this project, but unlike yourself, I doubt I’ll ever make another one. Too many patterns too little life time left!.


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