2016 Quilty Finishes

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After a little enforced break from blogging, I thought I’d better get organised and review my pile of “work” for the year ahead.

I expected to spend quite a bit of the New Year quilting, but The Hubbie is building me a deck outside my quilt room, so the noise level hasn’t been conducive to quilting. I’d like to say I have invested my time constructively  over the enforced break, but I seem to remember doing not much more than eating too much, reading books and blogs, and of course spending time with kids and parents.

My list for 2016 is actually quite long. I thought I had gotten ahead a bit, finishing off 5 quilts in time to be gifted for Christmas, but the following list assures me I spend a lot more time coming up with projects, than actually finishing them.

  1. My Small World Quilt.
    The final section awaits dresden plates, hexes and more. Then it will be time to join it all together.

    This quilt is nearly pieced, with the final fiddlier bits almost ready to attach. Then I plan to hand quilt and bind using the “backing used as binding” method, since it is a wall quilt after all.

  2. Midnight at the Oasis Quilt.
    The centre medallion is finished, then most of the orange peel blocks. Lots to go, here.

    This quilt is hardly started, and I expect it to take most of the year.

  3. Gypsy Wife #2.
    Flimsy finished, and now curing in the cupboard.

    I finished the top of the quilt in December 2015, but used up all my batting in the rush to create quilts for Christmas. I am awaiting a sale at Spotlight, so I can buy another big bale of batting. My plan is to hand quilt this one too, lots of Perle 8 and big hand stitching.

  4. Pansy Riot #2.
    Two of the many remaining blocks from the Pansy Riot/Monstrosity quilt.

    This quilt consists of a pile of extra framed squares, from the 28 different pansy fabrics I accumulated. I still have no idea what to do with them, but want them out, and finished. This one will probably end up either at my MIL’s, since she loved the Pansy Riot quit, or will be a charity quilt.

  5. String Quilt.
    More strings and scraps to sort through for the quilt.

    I cut up heaps of blue and brown strings to make a string quilt for one of my brothers, and there it has remained. This is the year, and since his birthday is in July, I should have time.

  6. Baby quilt #1.
    4.5 inch leftover blocks from Gypsy Wife #1. I was going to use them to increase the size of the quilt, but changed my mind. There are enough for a baby quilt, with some scraps added.

    Three of my neighbours having babies mid-year, so baby quilts will be focus this year.

  7. Tinkerbell Quilt.
    This block was created by my Daughter, but I rescued it from being recycled.

    I have an idea for this block involving lots of wonky starts. Not much more than an idea at this stage though.

  8. The Mustang Quilt.
    The Hubbies lap quilt, a Mustang of course!

    I bought this fabric for The Hubbie for Christmas, and need to have it made up in time to keep him warm while reclining in front of the tv. NZ houses are notoriously cold, due to our lack of decent insulation, double glazing etc. I just need a little more Mustang fabric, since the panel isn’t quite big enough to cover his knees and a cat.

  9. 15  Minutes of Play Quilt.
    I have a pile of these, made from scraps from the Arts Recycling Centre.

    I don’t have much of a vision for this quilt yet, but am thinking of using them as a background for some dresden flowers. Super scrappy!

  10. Almost there….The Lords Prayer Quilt.
    I picked up this panel from a secondhand shop in Foxton, Manawatu. It was in a frame, but I left with just the panel.

    I want to make the panel into a food cover, or something to throw on a coffee table. Just waiting for inspiration to strike. I have this one in mind for the in-laws for next Christmas, or my MIL’s birthday in August.

  11. Christmas pillowcases. No photo of these, since I cannot remember where I put the fabric. But my plan is to make one a month for the nieces and nephews to avoid the chaotic rush I experienced last Christmas.

So, that’s the list. Eleven quilt projects planned for the year. It seems very optimistic, but, it’s a good starting point.

P.S. Oops, I forgot one….

Last, but not least, my 1930’s Farmers Wife Quilt.P1070694

I got about six blocks into the quilt, then sort of lost my mojo for the project. My plan is to add a few 6 inch blocks, then finish it as a baby quilt.



6 thoughts on “2016 Quilty Finishes

  1. You have a knack for complex designs. ‘My Small World’ AND ‘Gipsy Wife’? – Boy, I wish I had the patience. These are beautiful projects. Good luck with finishing some of them.


    1. Thanks. I have a feeling this one might wait a while for me to clear my sewing desk a bit. It requires enormous amounts of scraps and patience to undertake. Lots of fun though.


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