Gypsy Wife Scrap quilt

I pulled the leftover blocks from GW#1 out of the recesses of my sewing table for the 2016 FAL, then thought, “Why not?”

I spent an hour or so re-arranging them on the design wall, cut some Kona Snow, and starting piecing.

Pairs of joined blocks thrown back on the design wall. I don’t know what I would do without my design wall, and yet it took me so long to cotton on to it.

The quilt will be square, approximately ten by ten blocks, each block 4 inches finished. Hopefully big enough for a cot or baby quilt. Would you call this unisex, or for a girl only? My daughter and I are of differing opinions over this. I tend towards a girl, given all the flowers. Opinions are welcome.

Today I am off to the final get together at my LQS. After 17 years, the owner is closing the doors. All the best for the future, Katherine.

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8 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife Scrap quilt

  1. I do call it unisex and a good size. Baby is going to love looking at all those colors. How about sharing it at Michelle’s Let’s Make Baby Quilts? Thanks for stopping by and commenting at 2nd WIPs Be Gone and Giveaway. Good luck!


  2. That’s a great idea for leftovers. I think it can be unisex but I think it very much would depend on the parents of the baby! Some are much more concerned about gender stereotypes than others!


    1. Yes, as a proud rugby nation, I think gender stereotypes are pretty ingrained here. All baby boys should be all black! Maybe not quite that bad. Thanks for visiting.


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