WIP Wednesday

I have no idea of the date, but I think it’s sometime heading towards the middle of the month already! We still have the Christmas tree up, we are still eating the festive food, and The Hubbie is enjoying his longest summer holiday ever. 2016 is starting out very well indeed.


With The Hubbie puttering around building a deck, I am making great strides at tackling things on my 2016 FAL list. On Monday I attended a Husky Day (Husqvarna machine day) at my LQS. It was the last Husky day before the shop shuts it’s doors, so I thought I would put in my first appearance since buying my machine two years ago. It never does to rush these things.

With a day of sewing under my belt, the baby quilt (#6 on FAL list) is almost finished. Just the binding to go. My careful plan fell apart in the shop, since room was at a premium. Hence the blocks are not as well distributed as when they arrived at the shop. I ran a double line of quilting down each seam, and decided to leave it there. I picked up some cotton/bamboo batting from the shop, the last piece of any dimensions or type to be had. I had to cut and join it unfortunately, since it was two inches too narrow. I still have yardage of some of these fabrics left, so I am contemplating whether to make a scrappy binding, or use one fabric alone. Opinions?


The real achievement of the week, however, has been starting my string quilt (#5 on FAL list).


It comprises 12 inch squares, half blue, half brown, with a very dark strip running through the middle of each block. At first I was excited over how many strips appeared to be used up in each block, then I remembered another box of strips, and my excitement abated somewhat. I think I enjoy cutting fabric more then sewing it, but it does have consequences.P1070827

I am determined to use a great many of these strips up, but I sometimes wonder if I should just donate all my scraps to a kindergarten or preschool, and just get on with making quilts I really love (i.e. more Jen Kingwell quilts).

It just seems so wasteful though.

Anyway, a more pleasant problem is slowly ripening on the plum tree.P1070828

Does anyone have a great recipe for plum jam or preserves? Not ordinary plum jam, since it just sits in the cupboard till I throw it out several years later. Something spectacular, involving spices or alcohol, that will enthuse my family enough to want to eat many, many jars of jam. I give away most of the crop, but it would be nice to use more plums this year. They are not large, but can be de-stoned with patience. The tree is very old, and I have no idea of the varietal name, all I know is that they are beautiful to eat.

Hope you are having a great week.

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12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Oh, your plums look so lovely. It is the dead of winter here, so they look better than you can imagine! I hope you find a way to use them so your family gobbles them up. Your string quilt is very eye catching – good thing you kept those scraps, if you ask me!


    1. The funny thing is our summer is so bad, we have been having winter temperatures some days, so the plums are very sour still. Prior to Christmas, it was warmer in NY! Than here where it was supposed to be mid-summer. Gotta love al El-Nino. Thanks for visiting.


    1. Thanks. I don’t think it will remain on point though, the thought of making lots of setting triangles is a bit off-putting. I will flip them later in the day, then get on to the next batch of squares. I’m hoping to have the flimsy finished for friday. Linky parties seem to be great motivators for me.


  2. I helped pick plums from a friend’s tree the other day (she is unable to do this job). And we shared them, she kept half and I took half home. There is nothing nicer than stewed plums with cereal for breakfast, or how about for dessert with custard. Or better yet, plum crumble?


  3. I usually make plumb sauce, which sounds a lot like the stewed plumbs above. But this summer one thing I tried with peach jam was to use a juicer to juice the whole peaches (someone gave us a ton of bruised fruit), and then boil the juice down with sugar — half juice, half sugar. It turned into my kids’ favorite jam, a thick, creamy, glossy spread. It may work with plumbs as well. It was a different consistency from jelly, which is clear, more like a lighter version of a fruit butter.


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