Gypsy Wife QAL

Woohoo! I have an excuse to make another Gypsy Wife quilt. As if I needed one.gw2016buttonSM

I was reading my blog feed this morning, while contemplating doing yet another load of laundry (sigh). Then I read that Megan and Hydeeann are co-hosting a Gypsy Wife QAL this year.

As Hydeeann notes in her introductory post, not many finished the 2014 QAL in time for the final link-up, and the 2016 QAL will give quilters a chance to finish, or start anew.ame1170_gypsy_wife_210x270_fa_page_01

I know I have an appalling record with QAL’s, but I love this quilt! I’ve already pieced two versions, one for summer using a Riley Blake range called Sidewalks as the main fabrics…

Gypsy Wife #1 on the washing line, earlier in the year. It’s now on my bed, my favourite quilt.

…and one for winter or autumn using many, many scraps…

Gypsy Wife #2, the winter version. My main change is the 12.5 inch block to the top left, and the blocks under it. I added these to increase the width of the quilt to cover my king-size bed a little better.

The funny thing about the second quilt is that I started it using up scraps from the 2015 National Symposium, held here in Palmerston North. I was gifted scraps from a workshop, and wanted to use them in the quilt to remember my first Symposium experience. Now, some of those fabrics annoy me (Grrr), and I don’t feel completely happy with the end product.

So, I am tempted to start again. After all, if I’ve already made two, my chances of staying with the QAL should surely be fairly high…right?

This time I would use the spreadsheet developed by WIP Girl for the 2014 QAL, and keep track of my fabric choices a little better. I downloaded it last time, but didn’t use it. Tracking my progress might also help me avoid ending the construction phase, yet somehow missing some blocks, while having duplicates of others. As a result I made a few block substitutions during the construction phase, so neither of my quilts completely follow the pattern.

Hydeeann has written a guide to fabric selection for the quilt, which emphasises the range of fabrics and values you need to make this quilt shine. I used Kona Snow and a grey solid as the low volume/neutrals in my first quilt, and Crosshatch in Grey for the second. I quite like the look of a consistent neutral in the quilt, as I feel it helps tie in some of my other fabric choices.

This time I might be swayed towards another in jewel tones (William Morris in jewel tones?), or go all out and do something fresh and spring-like (Mostly Manor by Victoria Findlay Wolfe). I am off to contemplate fabric, and Gypsies….

And if you are thinking of joining, I purchased my pattern directly from Amitie Textiles here.

Happy quilting.



3 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife QAL

  1. Look forward to seeing your 3rd version! Am also tempted to try this again too… it’s a great quilt! I found it quite tricky, what with all the earlier errors in the pattern & not knowing if your colours were spread out evenly, but I think it could be fun 2nd time around!


    1. it was certainly easier second time around, especially the final construction phase. I also used basting glue second time round, so all those little points were perfect. I’m now sold on Roxannes basting glue.


  2. goodness, you’ve already done TWO! might as well hit all the seasons. =) you know, i think i replied to your comment without realizing it didn’t get to you because of the no-reply blogger thingy. so sorry! send me your email and i’ll get that fixed so we can talk.


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