And now for something a little different…

A quick post to celebrate finishing a project on my 2016 FAL list.2016 button 250 best

Please forgive the vulgarity, but this quilt is known as the “Anti-cat Puking Quilt”. We have a cat named Charlie, a Le Perm. He has coarse, crinkly hair, and a tendency to bring up fur-balls with little or no notice. I daresay I don’t need to elaborate further.P1070947

This quilt will hopefully protect the sofa from further “accidents”, since the seat covers are very difficult to remove and clean.


I cut the strips over a year ago, and they sat reproachfully in a corner of my Quilt Room. After piecing this quilt I donated the remainder to the Arts Recycling Centre. They were bought within a few minutes of arriving, so were not wasted.

I backed the quilt with cotton canvas, and left it without batting. Partly this was because I am out of batting, but I also justified it as the quilt being more of a coverlet, and not really needing batting.

Two finishes down, and many more to go.

Linking up eventually with the 2016 FAL, and for now with Scraptastic Tuesday.


3 thoughts on “And now for something a little different…

  1. Bravo on the finish and the anti-cat furball idea though wondering if it is too nice for that purpose! My cat makes quite a noise before so I can shove her outside! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

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  2. Itctually improves the comfort level of the sofa for humans too. I am waiting for an upholstery course locally, so I can recover the sofa. This time I will make sofa cushion covers that remove easily, then the quilt will be superfluous.


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