Lounge furniture, a tomcat, and a finish

We have a neighbourhood tomcat who occasionally breaks into our house. He has bailed up our cats, broken into the rubbish, sprayed on the walls, and all manner of other objectionable activities.

Not the Tom-cat, rather Cat #1 “Baby”.

This time he sprayed Daughter #2’s La-z-boy chair. This chair has had a hard life since we bought it seven years ago. It enabled her to leave her bed in the midst of her CFS-ME, and became her throne on which she sailed through each day. Despite it’s heavy use, it still had some life in it. Until it was sprayed. After that it was toast, and currently resides in the garage.

So, we went out the next day and bought another chair. After it’s delivery that day, and after sitting in it for a few moments, she erupted into tears, announcing it too small. She needs a chair she can sit in cross-legged and knit, spin, or practise calligraphy in. This chair was too short, and too narrow. Please don’t ask why this minor detail wasn’t noticed in the shop!

So, we went out the next day and bought another chair.

Luckily for us (if not for her), Daughter #1 is about five inches shorter than Daughter #2, and gratefully adopted the first chair. This left us with a very full lounge, and a need to donate some furniture items to a charity shop, ASAP. That was yesterday’s task, and after some re-arranging, we can move around the room without falling over each other again.

All of this reminded me that I hadn’t sewn The Hubbies Christmas present yet. Since he didn’t want gifts last year, I bought him a Ford Mustang quilt panel, and announced I would sew him a lap quilt to throw over his legs in winter. His comeback was that I had merely found a way to enhance my fabric stash, whilst pretending to buy him a Christmas present. I’m still not entirely sure why he thought I would buy myself a Mustang panel, if I was really into stash enhancement!

Anyway, after some discussion with The Hubbie and the assistant at my LQS, I came home with these fabrics….I recommend you put on some sunglasses….P1070990

I couldn’t bring myself to follow through on their choices, and rummaged in my stash for a nice grey to tone things down a notch or two. After a couple of hours sewing, I came up with a quick lap rug.P1070994

When The Hubbie came home for lunch today and told me to feel free to place this quilt at the bottom of my list of priorities, I decided this might actually be “man-code” for “I don’t want a quilt”.

I’ll undertake a little further interrogation tonight, but I have a feeling this finish may be also en route to the charity shop.

Next Christmas, I might just buy him a Fat Quarter Shop voucher.

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I have been wanting to get back to blogging for the last month or so, but stuff kept happening. The sort of stuff you hesitate before writing about in a quilting blog. And so I left it a little longer, and a little longer.

But life kept happening, and after spending the last month sewing for a babe who will not be, I thought I will just pick up and start writing again.

The babe was not mine. I was an expectant Aunt, and very excited about little Peanut as he was named. So, most of my finishes have been baby-related, and already passed to the expectant Mum. I won’t be posting pictures, and they are currently packed away, out of sight.

I am always amazed at the sisterhood of women that emerges so swiftly after a miscarriage. Every woman seems to have suffered a loss, or have a friend or a sister who has suffered a loss. And so we unite, and we hug, and cry, and pray, and we move on together.P1070986

I wanted to take a quilt with me on the weekend, something to wrap around my sister when I wasn’t there, but I couldn’t finish it in the hours I had. Of course, she just wanted company, not quilts, so I will push on and finish it this week. Or not.  And the other quilts I was making for wee Peanut will be put aside, to be finished at another time.

I came back from my time away to hug my children, and realised again how blessed I am.