I have been wanting to get back to blogging for the last month or so, but stuff kept happening. The sort of stuff you hesitate before writing about in a quilting blog. And so I left it a little longer, and a little longer.

But life kept happening, and after spending the last month sewing for a babe who will not be, I thought I will just pick up and start writing again.

The babe was not mine. I was an expectant Aunt, and very excited about little Peanut as he was named. So, most of my finishes have been baby-related, and already passed to the expectant Mum. I won’t be posting pictures, and they are currently packed away, out of sight.

I am always amazed at the sisterhood of women that emerges so swiftly after a miscarriage. Every woman seems to have suffered a loss, or have a friend or a sister who has suffered a loss. And so we unite, and we hug, and cry, and pray, and we move on together.P1070986

I wanted to take a quilt with me on the weekend, something to wrap around my sister when I wasn’t there, but I couldn’t finish it in the hours I had. Of course, she just wanted company, not quilts, so I will push on and finish it this week. Or not.  And the other quilts I was making for wee Peanut will be put aside, to be finished at another time.

I came back from my time away to hug my children, and realised again how blessed I am.






7 thoughts on “Life

  1. I am sadden by your families loss and glad you wrote about it. I’ll keep your sister in my prayers. What you have written tells others what should be done. You did it all and I am sure gave her great comfort. So many times when these things happen no one knows what to do. Having had one long ago, everyone just said try again and acted like it didn’t mean anything but it did to me and my husband. I hope you write more often now. Hopefully she will be blessed again soon.


  2. HaVing seen my Mother go through miscarriage, I was left in no doubt, and at an early age, that every babe matters. I am sorry for the loss you suffered. Thanks for visiting, and for your prayers.


  3. Silver linings are hard to find sometimes. Remembering how much you love your children could be one. So lovely you could be ther for you sister.


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