May is for Makers


You’re no doubt aware of the May is for Makers campaign currently underway.

While I couldn’t commit to buying five new patterns during the month, I did decide to purchase a book last week from my favourite Aussie designer, Jen Kingwell. Surely a book is as good as a pattern?


I have been admiring a particular quilt for quite some time, though I have no idea when I will find the time and patience to make it. It’s the Glitter quilt…glitter

Isn’t it lovely?

Anyway, to further support my favourite Aussie designer, I decided to purchase the templates the following week, meaning that when they arrive I will have no excuses but to hop to it, and start another quilt.

No excuses except my inexperience with Y-seams and using templates that is. However, by the time I have constructed this quilt I shall be a master of the Y-seam. Or less competent, and the quilt will be reduced to a lap-sized version, including extensive borders.

I prepared (as one does), by buying some fabric last weekend, while in Wellington. I did the rounds of The Busy Bee, Stitchbird, Wellington Sewing Centre and Nancy’s Embroidery. All before lunchtime. The Hubbie has the route down pat now, and has a snooze in the car while I indulge inside each shop. I also took advantage of the trip to buy some more Aurifil thread, this alone making the two hour drive worth it. It will be great when Aurifil gets a NZ Distributor, and my LQS starts stocking the thread. Until then it’s another excuse to go for a long drive south.

So, my stash of Alison Glass fabric is prepped and ready to go, just waiting on the templates to arrive. While waiting I shall enjoy our local Tote and Gloat Quilt Show this weekend. I am the contact person for the Merchandisers, and am hoping this means I get a good look at everyones fabric and notions before the crowds arrive.

What are you up to this week?

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9 thoughts on “May is for Makers

  1. I buy my Aurifil from Quite a few spools fit in a $10.50 postage bag. I find the website purchase doesn’t work properly for a NZ address, so I usually email Melissa and she sends an invoice.


  2. How about making it a hand piecing project. You can pick up and take it with you if you are waiting anywhere and Y seams are a lot easier to do by hand


  3. The Country Yard at Whangarei has an Aurifil club which reduces the spool price for members. What is nice is that you can choose which colours and weight you want each month. I bought an Aurifil colour chart with the actual threads of each colour. I am buying threads as I want them as they place an order regularly.

    Driving 6 hours to Wellington this weekend, but there is never time to shop as we go there to be with family,


  4. Maybe you could persuade them to go for lunch somewhere near a quilt shop? Thanks for letting me know about the Aurifil club. I will investigate further. Enjoy your trip south.


  5. Hello. I’ve been trying to find your email address to reply to the kind comments you’ve been leaving on my blog. Still no success, but if you reply to this maybe I will see it then. Anyway, I’ve got that book too and love it. I’ve also got the templates for the Glitter quilt, but I haven’t started either. Like Alison, I get my Aurifil from The Country Yard and find Kerryn very easy to deal with.


    1. Hi Wendy, yes, you found me! Actually a fabric rep and I were talking about your prolific quilting yesterday. I think her name is Lisa, the Timeless Treasures rep. She was visiting my LQS yesterday, where I was trying to get inspired to hand sew a new quilt (Glitter by jK). Not much got done, but we all enjoyed just being out of the rain. Have a great weekend.


      1. How funny Tarnia. I know Christine Hartigan, but I don’t think I’ve met Lisa from Timeless Treasures. Anyway, that idea didn’t work, so I still don’t have your email address. Could you please send me a direct email at so I can start replying to your comments? thank you.


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