The shortest day

It’s been a while, I know. But my excuse is that I have been very busy. Or at least, quite busy, some of the time.

Today being the shortest day, I thought I would stop reading blogs, and tend to my own for just a few moments in between stitching. What has been happening here down the bottom of the globe?

Well, there has been fruit and vegetable picking with the Community Fruit Harvest scheme…

Picking Squash from a 50ha paddock of a cancelled export order in Bulls. We literally picked tonnes of squash.

Then there was our annual Tote and Gloat, an opportunity for our Quilt Guild members to show off the best of their previous years work. Being on the sub committee for events, this one kept me busy for a few days, plus I took one of my quilts out in public for the first time, ever!

That’s my first version of The Gypsy Wife in the middle of the picture.

Our speaker was Susan Brubaker Knapp, whose talk was very encouraging. Unfortunately I missed much of it, scurrying around behind the scenes as I was.

An entry from the Bra Arts exhibition shown at Tote and Gloat. The Lions run the annual competition to raise money for Breast cancer research. Yes, somewhere under all this, there is a bra!

After T&G, I spent a few weeks working on a new quilt for Daughter #2 (details to come) before running off to Taupo for a much needed break. I quilted for a few days, ran up to Hamilton for a quick trip to Moreland Fabrics, and best of all enjoyed not cooking or cleaning for an entire week. Unless you call pouring boiling water on 2 minute noodles cooking. Yes, I confess I ate three packets of instant noodles. I could only justify buying flash cafe food for so many nights. I promise I ate lots of fruit.

This is a “Cruffin”, a mix between a croissant and a muffin. Not necessarily something I would try again, but I didn’t have to cook it, or clean up the dishes afterwards, so therefore it qualifies as being good for me.

After arriving back I put aside quilting for a while to make cushions to go into the new, “improved” Arts Recycling Centre, re-opening in July. As a volunteer we haven’t had much (any?) input into the changes, but are hoping for the best. Unfortunately, it looks like my days of getting free quilt fabric from ARC are now over. It is shifting its emphasis to creating gallery and workshop space, rather than supplying low cost materials to schools and artists. Meanwhile the contents have been cleaned out in a series of large skip bins, a bit heartbreaking for the volunteers like my daughter.

The last few days I have turned to embroidery and hand quilting, in an effort to finish the My Small World quilt. I am using it as a sampler and trying to have some fun.

My first attempt at fern stitch. My second attempt isn’t much better, so I am thinking of it as “freeform” embroidery.

Playing with stitches…P1080037

At this rate it is going to take me a very, long, time. But never mind. It is mid-winter, the days are short, if strangely warm, and I have many movies to watch on Netflix, to distract me from my sore fingers.

See you soon, I promise.

Linking up eventually with Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.


6 thoughts on “The shortest day

  1. I did chuckle when I read this… shortest day… matariki… any excuse, but I wished I’d thought of it too! I love your embroidery additions to your MSW quilt.


  2. I actually started because I basted the quilt with a piece of high loft poly batting I had lying around. I had trouble fitting it under my machines presser foot, and so decided to hand quilt it. Not the easiest process, and next time I think I’ll drive to the shop and get some new batting. We live and learn!


  3. A stitching holiday with instant food. Bliss. I’m worred for myself – last night I deemed too wet and cold to go to quilt group! Yikes! Must be getting old.


  4. I find it hard in winter too. I find the lighting in my friends lounges too low to do much hand work. That and I hate driving around the countryside at night. I too am a whimp!


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