It’s a brave new world…

Or so the world media re telling us, post-Brexit vote. If you are reading this in the United Kingdom, congratulations or commiserations, depending upon how you cast your vote. We all await the fallout with some trepidation.

Anyway, on to my recent quilting endeavours.2016 button 250 best

I have a finish to share. It is a quilt that was on my list for the 2016 QAL, and is one of my few finishes to date. I initially thought to turn this embroidered panel into a tablecloth or something similar for my MIL, but a friend’s recent diagnosis meant a change of plan was put in motion.

I picked up this panel from a secondhand shop in Foxton, Manawatu. It was in a frame, but I left with just the panel.

My friend was diagnosed with Breast Cancer over a year ago, and chose alternative medicine to fight it. The cancer has spread, and the outlook is not good.


It has been hard to support her, as my approach to sickness tends towards applying liberal doses of western medicine, supported by changes in lifestyle etc to support it. But the choices are hers, and so I completed this quilt to be given to her Church to be prayed over and gifted to her. I enclosed the panel in a floral fabric from my stash, but bought the green fabric from Spotlight for the final border and binding.

I kept the quilting to a minimum, since speed was of the essence. Just enough to keep it together.P1080032

The Prayer Quilt Co-ordinator arranged for a label on the back explaining the purpose of the quilt, and also how to wash and care for it.

This is my first finish for the second quarter, but I must admit it has been a painful quilt to finish. I still felt it was important to acknowledge the finish, if only to help me process what is going on.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are.

Linking up eventually with the 2016 FAL and Crazy Mom Quilts.


3 thoughts on “It’s a brave new world…

  1. So sorry to read about your friend and her battle with breast cancer. Any cancer is horrid creeping thing and is hard to cope with. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness, I’m sure, with your lovely quilt with The Lord’s Prayer.

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  2. Making this quilt for your friend is good for both of you. She knows you care and physically doing something is much more fulfilling than wondering what you can do. It is sometimes so hard to come to terms with serious illness, we have had it with both of our children and years later I still ask “why”. There are no easy answers.


  3. Thanks for visiting. I just finished Philip Yancey’s follow up book on the question of “Why?”, which was written in the fall out to Sandy Hook and the Japanese tsunami. My kids also have longterm health disability issues which have meant the “Why?” Question has tripped me up at various times. However, It has gone from being a boulder in my path, to being a rock I can pick up and look at, then put down again. Still there, but no longer such an obstacle.
    Have a great weekend.


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