A day for charity quilting

On a day like today, reeling from seeing a familiar place impacted by terrorism, it felt right to be doing some charity sewing. Sometimes it seems the only thing we can do in the face of hatred, is to love our neighbour, follow the Golden Rule. Make a quilt, and gift it.


This lap-sized quilt is destined to be a Prayer Quilt. My job was simply to baste and quilt, then hand back to my friend for binding. I replaced the old-fashioned floral backing fabric with some minky I had in my stash. Nice and cuddly, given our current appalling weather.

I basted the quilt more densely than usual, simply because I didn’t want to take the time to go out and buy some interfacing to reinforce the minky. Believe me, it was pelting down outside. I had read various accounts of how best to quilt it, but decided to just take my time. Thankfully there were no tucks or puckers evident at the end. The stitches appear to just melt into the back of the quilt.


I simply stitched in the ditch, then ran around the inside of the border. Normally I would add some hand stitching, but speed is of the essence for this one.

The quilt was actually gifted to the local Prayer Quilt Ministry from an Australian Chapter. Excuse the photo quality, there is little light making  it through the mid-winter cloud cover today.

It took one full day, from basting to finishing quilting. Of course prior to that I procrastinated about doing anything for a full fortnight!

This quilt does reinforce how much I need to get organised and start practising some free-motion quilting, as it would have benefited greatly from it. So much so, that I feel it is unfinished. The question is what to give up, in order to make time to learn it. I’m sure the family won’t mind if I give up cooking, or housework.Right?

Tomorrow is our Mid-Winter Christmas Party at our Saturday Sewing group. Having spent all day sewing, I might just aim to cut fabric for my Glitter Quilt.

This quilt is the first finish on my Q3 list for the 2016 FAL.

2016 button 250 best


Linking up eventually with Crazy Mom Quilts.


4 thoughts on “A day for charity quilting

  1. You only thought about it for 2 weeks? Well done. I got my machine back from a service about 2 months ago and it’s still in it’s travelling bag. I am thinking about a project I started while on holiday last Christmas. Oh for the days when I sewed every single day and got antsy if I couldn’t. What happened? It sneaked upon me!

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  2. Not working has many downsides, but does mean lots of time for sewing. Plus, my babies are now at university or of that age, which also means far less input is required into their lives. Of course I would love, love, love, to be well enough to have a high falutin job, with a desk, car, and regular pay cheque, but life has determined otherwise. So, I sew lots, and volunteer. And procrastinate while looking at my WIP’s. Have a great weekend.


  3. Volunteering is great – there is always a need. We are thinking of moving closer to Welly next year. I guess I will be volunteering here and there to meet people. Bit scary thought moving at our age! Health is more important than working – but it does help with expensive hobbies like quilting. Our LQS has a block of the month that ends up costing $882.00 just for the top. Need to have a high falutin job to finance that!


  4. It’s a lovely quilt. As I am sure you are learning, free motion quilting can be fairly fast once you practice a bit, so I hope you are doing that too. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.


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