Happiness is….

Happiness is finishing a quilt, while watching the Gymnastics Gala at the Olympics.

Like a lot of people I know, I love watching the Gymnastics. I can’t even do a graceful somersault, so I love watching the skill, grace and strength of the gymnasts. It’s like going to the ballet, but a lot shorter.

Anyway, the quilt I was finishing was number two for Femke. I had a set of appliquéd letters spelling her name, that hadn’t made it onto the first quilt. They were taunting me, and so I gave in and made another quick quilt. Done and dusted in a day, since I used some charm squares I had purchased last year. I don’t know the range, but they were perfect for a happy little girls quilt.

Basted, and ready to go.

In retrospect I should have appliquéd the letters on to a different coloured background, but it’s a lesson I will remember next time. It was my first time using a raw edge appliqué, and sewing around the letters was easier than I imagined. I put off making the quilt for weeks, just because of the appliqué. No excuses now I know how easy it is.

I was going to cheat and use the backing fabric as binding, right up until I cut a hole in it, while trimming the batting to size.


I chose the fabric a couple of months ago, since both parents speak English as a second or third language. It seemed fitting.

I chose to quilt it quickly, just running a serpentine stitch along each seam.


I sent this one to it’s forever home by afternoon tea. Then went shopping for some new batting at Spotlight.


Next up are some 17 inch Neonate quilts, to use up all the batting scraps from my recent efforts.

Linking up with Sew Fresh quilts.


4 thoughts on “Happiness is….

    1. Yes, the dad opened it and then remarked that his late mother was a quilter. That was why I made the second quilt. I tought an Oma would have made one with the baby’s name on it, had she been here.


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