Second to last….

I have the second to last “should” quilt up on the design board. Boy, is this one going to be bright.


I am converting a pile of 2 x 7 inch strips into a quilt, throwing in a few meters of a bright yellow solid as the background fabric. I know this sounds like a disaster in the making, but it’s for Daughter #2, for whom nothing can ever be too bright. Instead, she calls it “happy”.


Cutting the strips was done earlier in the year, and now the challenge is to convert them into something other than a straight coin quilt.

For the first row I constructed rainbow stacks, separated by two inch strips of yellow.


Next up, I am repeating the method I used a few years ago to construct a postage stamp quilt, ala Red Pepper Quilts tutorial. I am using only blue, orange and low volume strips in this row. Some order amongst the chaos is called for.

I’m not going to sew the rows together until the end, as I want to play around a bit with this quilt. Meanwhile I am having fun looking at ideas of what I can create from the strips. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Now it’s off to the dentist. No worries though, since my dentist believes in giving you all the painkillers you need to avoid feeling anything! The down side is it takes hours for the effect to wear off, so I won’t be having a cup of tea for quite a few hours. Or food.

Have a great week, I’m enjoying seeing the blossoms, on this first day of Spring.

My Plum tree in blossom.

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5 thoughts on “Second to last….

    1. Yes, it will definitely be bright. I have started row 3, and am wondering if I should have waited til I got over my dentists visit before choosing colours. I guess that’s thing about not attaching the rows, I can easily change my mind. Thanks for visiting, and have a great day.


  1. There is something about that cheddar colour that just sings! I adore my dentist – we discuss words that amuse us – like thwarted and ghastly. He asked me what the heck does “cool bananas” mean? I have a great word for next time – mojo. I don’t know why I think he is so wonderful as he charges like a wounded bull, but I walk out of his surgery dribbling and poor but I always feel like I have been to the beauty salon – the attention from all the staff is wonderful. Hope yours is as good.


  2. This is going to be a very happy quilt! I love those rainbow scraps against the yellow background. Sure to make your daughter smile!!! Speaking of smile….. Hope your dentist visit went well.


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