A lick of paint…

I’ve been keeping busy, but not necessarily busy sewing.

I donated my sewing table to Daughter #2 in September. It was my suggestion, as she had purchased a Brother Scan and Cut machine, but had nowhere to put it.

My mood board, including lots of stitch ideas and clippings from old Country Living magazines. Note the yellows and greens popping through.

Of course, when you give away all the furniture in your sewing room, you have to replace it. But first I took the opportunity to do a little painting, just to cover over some of my earlier paint experiments. The studio was initially just concrete block construction, and in a fit or thesis avoidance I once spent a week painting every concrete block a different colour, with metallic highlights! Luckily that was covered in Gib boards and insulation a couple of years ago.

A fresh, spring, green, or as I think of it, “Country Living Magazine meets sewing room”. The other door is to a very petite bathroom.

The previous owners painted all the doors in our house and sheds a lovely (!) teal blue. We are still staring at the teal after almost nine years, along with the fluoro green hallway, and the bathroom whose colour is hard to describe. Why not repaint? On one income we have concentrated on getting the house maintenance back on schedule, repairing the roof, putting in ventilation, painting peeling windowsills, fencing, gardens etc. And we renovated the studio out the back of the garage, which I use almost every day now. I figure my studio brings me more pleasure than a repainted hallway ever would.

The outside door, a nice chalky yellow. Next to arrange is an insect screen to stop unwanted 6 footed critters that somehow get underneath. I have had two weta come in overnight this month alone.

But the time had come to get rid of the royal blue and teal doors, and to solve my storage issues. While I have been quilting for only a few years, I have accumulated a frightening amount of stuff. The NZ$ was pretty high against the US$ there for a while, plus two local fabric stores have gone under or shut due to retirement, offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to enhance my stash….how could I resist?

The new cutting table to the left is the perfect height. I am still looking for an anti-fatigue mat to put next to it. The pantry cupboards are older, and used to store all my PhD stuff. I had so much fun recycling it after I got my degree! 

I was alerted to a sell off of shop fittings which had turned up at the Salvation Army store, and these have proved a prefect fit for a cutting table. The surface is at bench height, so no more sore back from extended cutting sessions, and there are cupboards underneath to store my red, orange, yellow, black, grey and multi-coloured fabric bins. Blue and brown are still sitting on the floor, but I can work around them for the meantime.

Definitely too small, and I haven’t got the insert for the Horn desk, so have had to raise the bed and use my old extension table for now. The curtains were picked up second-hand in Helsinki.

I got my old Horn sewing desk back from  Daughter #2, but The Hubbie rightly pointed out it isn’t a great longterm solution. I quilt my own quilts, and it simply isn’t big enough. I went back to the Salvation Army store, but the desks were all too high (>70cm), so I will be patient and think on this one.

Next to go up, thread racks.

I had a home handyman pop in last week, and we put up some Ikea kitchen shelves I picked up in Brisbane last year. I must admit, I went a little loopy being let loose in an Ikea store for the first time. I’m not usually a person who enjoys shopping, but I could have happily filled a shipping crate and sent it over the sea to home. Please Ikea, come to New Zealand.

So, the room is almost done, but I am happily sewing away again and enjoying the change of colours. I was going to paint the brown back wall, but that can wait until next summer. Instead I will sew some mini quilts for the walls, but more about that next time.

I even shouted myself a new, larger, ironing board.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, especially here in NZ where we are celebrating Labour weekend. Next holiday is Christmas, not that we’re counting weeks or days right?


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