Post Earthquake…

Its funny what a difference a day can make. Until two minutes after midnight last night, it seemed the American elections were the only topic of conversation. Our online newspaper feeds were cluttered with articles about “you know who”. Would he follow through on his policies, who was he appointing to his cabinet….

And then the earth moved again. And again. And now it is just trembling with non-stop aftershocks from Kaikoura, north to Whanganui. GeoNet is registering aftershocks every minute or so, which is just astonishing. And unsettling.

More blocks from the 365 Challenge Quilt.

Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones, homes and businesses. Those who are shaken up again, bringing back fears and anxiety from just too many quakes.

Using my stash of French General fabrics.

Here in Palmerston North we are merely shaken. Some power cuts, anxious children, and more than a little sleep deprived. But we are okay. One of my four brothers works down South for a large construction firm. I daresay they are scrambling to start the clean up, even while we wait to find out exactly how bad it is.

From the Josephine range, through to Madame Rouge.

To keep calm, I did a little quilting in between reassuring Mum down the phone after each large aftershock. She got no sleep after midnight. She made the mistake of turning on talkback radio, and listening to others fear and anxiety all through the wee hours of the night.

Another friend spent the night on the floor with her husband, the kids having taken over their bed.

A little poppy block for Armistice Day.

It is funny what a difference a day can make.

I hope you are safe wherever you are today.

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8 thoughts on “Post Earthquake…

  1. We were in Waitarere and woken by the big shake. The little bach held firm. Immediate thoughts were to wonder where is the epicentre and are people suffering. It was bad enough without power but no damage, imagine those folks in Kaikoura with damage all around, no power or water, probably no phones etc. Friends in the USA contacted us later in the morning as it had made the news there. Driving home to Rotorua the roads were relatively quiet.


  2. Yes, I had relatives sitting on hilltops waiting for tsunami to arrive. They are a little frazzled, but nothing more. Personally I am waiting for the call to go out for quilts, then I won’t feel so helpless. In the meantime I might just start making one.
    Hope you enjoyed Waiterere, I wrote quite a bit of my thesis there in a friends bach. Outside loo, full of mice, no phone, tv etc. It was very quiet, except for the mice.


  3. We love Waitarere, there is something about the wild west coast, and yet on a still summers day it is stunning. Our son’s bach is on the beachfront – we just wish it wasn’t a 4.5 hour drive away – which includes the desert road! He spent a long time making it cosy and warm, with the fire going it is like a little nest! Oooh mice! Yuk!


  4. Yes, the mice were a bit of a problem, as was the leaking chimney. I finally moved into a motel one time when the mice ran into the bedroom I was sleeping in after I went to bed. I packed up and was out the door pretty fast, and haven’t gone back since.
    Some more friends had a bach in Taupo, so I finished my thesis there. Now that one is on the market, so no more cheap holidays for me. Mind you, there is always the Monastary in Hawkes Bay.


  5. We are in Marton, and what a wake up. I was more worried when Hugh said he could hear the water sloshing in the cylinder!! After opening the hot water cupboard door, I was so relieved to not find any water on the floor . I feel for those down south, wishing I could do something to help, so thankful my friends and our relatives south who are all safe, and am grateful we live in this place. Your blocks are truly beautiful. I hopped to you from your link at Lorna’s blog.


    1. Glad to hear you came through unscathed. I guess you have had a fair few aftershocks too, they seem to be spread all around the lower NI don’t they? Take care. Thanks for visiting.


  6. I cannot imagine the worry, heartache and fear of living through an earthquake. My heart is with everyone affected. Your blocks are all beautiful, especially that poppy one. Is there a pattern for that?


  7. Take a look at the 365 Challenge website, and the poppy was the block for Armistice Day on November 11. With 365 blocks to make, it is the only one I remember the date for.
    Thanks for visiting.


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