Dear Mother Nature…

…it’s time to stop!

One of the many slips covering State Highway 1 around Kaikoura (Reuters).

Okay, I think I can say I speak for the entire nation when I say, “Enough, already!”

If the ground isn’t moving, the wing is howling, or the heavens have opened and the rivers are overflowing.

A car come adrift in Kaikoura (

After 48 hours I am thankful we are no longer feeling the quakes here in Palmerston North, but am ever mindful of those caught up in this latest deadly quake.

Things to be thankful for today….

More 365 Challenge blocks

Two days after the Kaikoura Earthquake and the evacuation of tourists is well underway. The Naval Celebrations in Auckland have been abandoned in favour of an international rescue effort, similar to what happened after the Christchurch earthquake. We are thankful for our American, Australian, Malaysian and Japanese friends for their support at this time.

While we are all saddened by the loss of two lives, we are also very thankful that the earthquake struck at a time when the roads were empty, or our losses would have been very much greater.

And most of all, I am thankful that Kiwis have swung into action again, supporting those who have lost much, or little. Maraes have been opened, food delivered, collection points for goods set up, and even our politicians have joined forces (temporarily).


As for me, now that the shaking underfoot has stopped, I am sewing. I have felt the need to stop for a few weeks now, and have finally given in. Slow quilting can be meditative (except for the unpicking bits), so I am slowly quilting, enjoying the picking of fabrics, and the completion of each block.


The 365 Challenge quilt blocks are not perfect, but I am so many months behind I am not re-doing them in order to achieve perfect points, or wrinkle free centres. Finished is better than perfect, as they say.

Oh, and I have given in and finally gotten an emergency kit ready with the kids. Just in case the Seismologists Option 3 occurs (Cook Strait fault ruptures), in which case it will be a doozy.

I spoke too soon, another aftershock. Sigh….and another. Off to check Geonet and see what is going on.

Have a great week.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Mother Nature…

  1. Today after work I popped in to see a friend who had started machine quilting a gorgeous wool appliqué quilt. Her face was pinched and strained from a health issue that cannot be pinpointed as yet. She was fretting that her quilt was puckering – what to do, what to do! One glance and I suggested the various weights of fabric were never going to meld together well, and she should unpick what she had done and hand quilt it. We got out her brand new hoop, found needle and thread and had a lesson – minus thimbles – ouch! I looked into her face as we said goodbye and it was lifted and happy – she was excited to get into her beautiful project. Wonderful therapy to sustain her. Ah quilting and it’s rhythms – just like life – ups and downs, stops and starts, but it comes together beautifully in the end.


  2. You are a good friend.
    I am probably going to have to finish quilting this one by hand. The three inch blocks have so many pieces, they would probably break needles.
    My current plan is to maybe send it to a long armer to get basted, then set to with a needle. Anyway, long way to go…..I am months behind.
    Take care.


  3. Yes indeed – enough already! But I have to admit that we have only felt one aftershock. The big one at midnight was certainly a doozey, wasn’t it!
    Goodness knows how all that damage will be repaired. I remember how long it took to get the Manawatu Gorge fixed after the huge slip there.


  4. I suspect John Key is right, when he suggested the route might have to change along the coast. My brother works for Fulton Hogan in the SI, and work had really tapered off down there, so they are probably all ready to throw themselves into some fast repairs.
    Have a great week, and keep safe.


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