Midnight at the Oasis update


This quilt is taking just a little longer than I thought to finish. Mainly because I’m spending more time enjoying summer than quilting. Mind you, I had to leave town and drive to the other side of New Zealand to enjoy summer. Here on the west coast, it is little warmer than winter temperatures so far this summer.

I may have also visited a couple of new quilt shops and bought fabric.

My lone tomato ripening. Sad, but true. I shall eat it very slowly.

Now that we are back from the Hawkes Bay, I am aiming to finish this quilt top in the next couple of days.

I started about a year ago, using fabrics from a shop which has since closed. I still miss The Cloth Shop whenever I drive past its old site. Sniff!

Anyway, MATO represents the sixth Jen Kingwell quilt I have started, but will hopefully be the third finished. I have My Small World languishing in a pile of hand quilting, and Glitter hasn’t gotten much further than the cutting out stage.

My secret weapon for aligning all those one inch squares is glue.

I have made a few changes to the pattern. I quite like floating the striped border inside the spot fabric which is the main background fabric. In reality, it happened because of slight less accurate quarter inch seams than usual. Somebody forgot to trim their blocks!

When faced with undoing 50 odd churn dash blocks and re-sewing them, I decided to opt for re-jigging the pattern. I will leave the final border out though, as I am about finished with this quilt. It will be big enough to be useful, but not big enough for a bed. Maybe a sofa quilt?


The quilt is too big for my design wall, so hopefully these photos give a hint of how it is coming together.

I am planning to ditch stitch this one, then attack it with some Perle 8 in a variety of colours.

I am finishing it off on my new toy….


A Christmas present to take to classes, avoiding the need to pack up my bigger machine.

Hope you had a great weekend. Back to work for many here in NZ.


2 thoughts on “Midnight at the Oasis update

  1. I love your MATO quilt; those polka dots are so fun! Also, while it may be your one and only tomato, it sure is a lovely one. 🙂 How fun to have a smaller machine for toting around. I need to get one – it’s a pain to carry my bigger one to sew days.


  2. Yes, having only one machine meant I kept putting off going to sew with others. Its not flash, but it has a quarter inch foot and an extension table. All the necessities. At $499, it was too good to pass up.


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