Scrap Happy for January


Amongst the languages I want to learn to “speak” this year (quilting-wise), is Colour. With a capital C.

I love looking at reproduction quilts, and French General fabrics, but at heart I am more of a Kaffe enthusiast. It’s like careful colour co-ordination is eating your veggies first, and blinding colour is dessert, plus sprinkles.

So, 2017 is going to be the year when the brakes come off, and I let loose with some blindingly colourful quilts.

Scrappy log cabin 2016

They have always snuck in, but I’ve been a little apologetic for throwing in so many colours. As if being able to blend a dozen shades of taupe in a quilt is somehow a measure of your quilting abilities.

Not this year.

Leftover 4 inch squares and some Kaffe fabrics to match.

To start off the year I am sewing up scraps dating back to my first attempted quilt. It ended up a WIP (after about 5 years), finished by Amiee of Amiee’s Homestead Quilts, and gifted to my baby sister for her 30th birthday. Believe it or not, I used sweat shirting as the batting. I just didn’t know any better…it seemed warm! Anyway, my sister loves it.

Since it was my initial foray into quilting, many of the blocks are inaccurately cut, and the fabric quality is somewhat lower than what I would buy now. All I was after at the time was colourful fabric, thread count did not concern me.

I am throwing in some Kaffe fabrics to provide some oomph, and having fun with the scraps.

A simple 5 x 3 layout of four inch blocks.

I managed to sew six blocks today, and am thinking about whether to keep going. Daughter #1 has already approved of the colours, and she is notoriously hard to buy gifts for, so this might end up a birthday present if I keep going.

The six finished blocks, eventually black sashing will separate them all.

It’s a simple quilt design, but it was stunning done as a rainbow in a king size.

Have a great week.

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9 thoughts on “Scrap Happy for January

  1. Oh yes…you go girl! I have a pair of yellow shoes with black dots – and a matching handbag! the comments and smiles I get are heartwarming. My favourite shoes in the ’80’s were hot pink stilettos.

    I agree with using black – I am about to spiral quilt The Garden Party by Laura Heine but using a black background and large flowers in Kaffe and other bright fabrics. it has that wow factor. I have also learned the hard way not to use a black with dots fabric – it greys out and doesn’t pop.


    1. I also want some new shoes from a new shop that has opened up, they are boots with an orange peel quilting design on them. Your hot pink stilettos sound quite outrageous. I grew up in gumboots and swandri, so am slowly growing into colour. Happy quilting.


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