A Friday Flimsy finish

It suddenly struck me while I was waiting for The Hubbie to return from a walk last night, that is wasn’t windy. This might sound a minor thing to notice, so let me expound slightly as to why this was so significant.

The night before it had snowed on the hills, despite it being mid-January, and the middle of summer. We have had a howling gale of a wind for weeks now, with a weather bomb mid-week, and another storm coming. Flooding, landslides, all the usual winter stuff, but in summer instead.

Mid-summer snow on the Tararuas. Image from the Horowhenua Chronicle

There is a joke doing the rounds on FB that the Bible calls 40 days and nights of rain a biblical curse… whereas here in the Manawatu it’s just called Summer.

Daughter #1 stopped growing fairly early, so wasn’t quite tall enough as a quilt holder…

Anyway it wasn’t blowing, so I did what any sane person would do and grabbed a quilt top, a camera, and a person to hold the quilt aloft.

May I introduce my variation of the Midnight on the Oasis quilt by Jen Kingwell. It has one border less than the original pattern, and I took a few liberties with the other borders too, but otherwise it’s pretty much what the pattern ordered.

Wouldn’t you know it, a breeze had started up again by the time The Hubbie got home from his 7km walk. Note the fashionable summer footwear.

My plan is to ditch stitch around all the borders, and then attack with Perle 8. There is so much colour that nice big stitches will accentuate the folksy nature of the quilt. First comes basting of course, which I’m saving for tomorrow, when the next summer storm is set to arrive.

Today it’s lots of fun with fabric dyeing, which I’ll share next week. Here is a hint of what we are playing with. Colour swatches on art paper, from our experiments in fabric dyeing. I have been dyeing the greens and blues, while Daughter #1 loves the brights. Needless to say our hands are brightly multi-coloured despite wearing gloves.


Have a great weekend.

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9 thoughts on “A Friday Flimsy finish

  1. Lovely, lovely quilt. You must be pleased with it! isn’t the cold wind disappointing! We walked the dog in the Redwoods this morning and I had on a cardigan as well as my winter jacket. Hubby was staunch and was still in his shorts and short sleeves. Well we all know that summer really arrives the day that school starts again!


    1. Certainly hoping for a spectacular autumn this year to make up for the summer. I admit I’ve never seen so many puffer jackets being worn in January before. Funny, but slightly tragic. Keep warm.


  2. It’s a lovely quilt with incredible detail. My husband and I spent the last three winters in NZ (we live in Quebec, Canada) but couldn’t go this year. Maybe we were lucky if the weather is that bad! Congrats on your finish.


    1. I read in the herald you had a rough night. Hopefully you have power, so you’re not without coffee, or, wake up juice as I call it.
      Have a great day, maybe you can bribe a child to do the storm cleanup while you sew?


  3. Great quilt! I’ve given up on summer (it will no doubt turn up when we all go back to school and then we will be too hot in the classrooms!) At least all the yucky weather is a good excuse to be inside sewing!


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