Almost Spring

I rewarded myself today for undergoing a Covid test. It was unpleasant, but the Ministry of Health has asked for the public to come forward and be tested, to make certain we have no community transmission. So, in exchange for a swab induced migraine, I got flowers.

I also grabbed a Taranaki Rhododendron Festival Guide. New Zealand’s premier garden festival, and a source of much inspiration and dreams of horticultural splendour. My Mum lives in the region, and it is an annual event for us. We pore over the guide, discussing the gardens on offer. We select, compare, shortlist, rank and hoard loose change for cash plant sales and emergency cups of tea. We also visit many gardens in the Fringe Festival, smaller gardens not of the scale or age of the main festival offerings.


But best of all, I started a new quilt. I am repurposing some EPP shapes to make the Sweet Sunday Quilt by Treehouse Textiles.  My first EPP project was in William Morris fabrics, and was too dark in value and repetitive in block design. I shall donate the leftovers to Hospice , where they will hopefully find a home.

The wrinkled table runner is from a trip to Estonia. I am so grateful now for the travels I undertook during my graduate studies. The world has never seemed so far away from us, down here at the bottom of the globe.



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