The highs and lows of the last week

The week started on a high…

The Hand Stitching prize was for my first Gypsy Wife Quilt, the Jen Kingwell classic.

in the middle we successfully fought to save a historic neighbourhood tree…

and the week ended with our cars being broken into. Again. This time they helpfully smashed a window, so thanks to the staff at Smith & Smith, my car windows are now repaired, clean, and I can see through them. Note to self, clean car more frequently!


Anyway, I thought I’d put a “shout out” to the sponsor of one of my prizes from our recent exhibition, The Delbrook Quilt Company of Hastings. They are my go-to shop in the North Island for reproduction fabrics. While they are a couple of hours drive away for me, they are fortunately situated next to a major hardware chainstore. The Hubbie drops me at the gate, then goes gazing at power tools for a while. The longer he stays away, the more fabric I get to buy. Works for me! Once he went for a haircut, and the budget got well and truly hammered.

Delbrook often have a selection of FQ at $5, and always have a big range of fabric on the bolt. They stock modern fabrics, as well as the reproduction fabrics I am currently loving working with. They have regular drop in days, QAL’s, retreats, fabric clubs, and classes.

Unfortunately Delbrook don’t have all their fabric listed in their online shop, so it’s best to either contact them, or go for a drive. I prefer the drive, especially at fruit harvest time. Hawkes Bay Apricots, Figs, Apples…the list goes on. And if you go for a weekend, as we so often do, make sure you investigate the amazing Art Deco architecture of the region, and visit the Napier Museum.  Last time we visited, we got to see a Lalique collection that blew me away. And if your ancestors were present during the historic Napier earthquake, then the permanent exhibition gives insight into the event.

A wintery day at the beach, great for photos, not quite so good for swimming.

Plus there is the attraction of all those pebbly east coast beaches, so different from our west coast, black sand, windswept affairs.

Back to reality, and today is all about getting security lights upgraded, then going for a drive. Greenhaugh Gardens is a Garden of National Significance a few km away, and at this time of the year it is ablaze with Spring colour, including a large collection of Bearded Irises and Clematis. I’m off to have a peak, and get some motivation to carry on weeding my own garden.

Greenhaugh Gardens, Napier Road, Palmerston North.

Later in the week I am off to the Taranaki Garden Festival and the accompanying Quilt Show. Gardens and quilts, the perfect combination.

Have a great week.


8 thoughts on “The highs and lows of the last week

    1. Thanks, it was my first time entering a show, somI was very surprised. It helps that there are not that many entrants in the hand quilting section too. I am having fun spending my prize money, so its a great motivator to submit another quilt in 2018.
      Have a great week.


  1. Congratulations on your ribbons. Sounds as though you have your husband well trained. My mum is off to the Taranaki garden festival too – very envious of you both. Enjoy.


  2. It helps having a Mum living in Taranaki now. I get to connect with her for a few days, plus we both love really big country gardens. The sort you need a Lotto win, or family farm to garden in. Maybe your Mum can bring you back some quilt fabric, if you can get her to go to the quilt show.
    Have a great week.


  3. Oh well done on your ribbons! You must be thrilled – and encouraged. Another good source of reproduction fabrics is Patchwork Passion in Onehunga, Auckland. Lots of her stock is muddied in colour – if you are with me – and Robyn is great to deal with. How sad to get your car violated like that, it must be unsettling as well as annoying. Here’s hoping the gardens will blow all those cares away.


  4. Thanks, it was quite encouraging winning a prize. I have heard great things about Patchwork Passion, pity its in that horribly complicated city, north of the Bombay Hills. Thankfully they have a good online shop, but its just not quite the same is it? I’m hoping the mix of gardens and quilts will be the perfect tonic this weekend, starting with two shops in Whanganui…one in Hawera….then another in Stratford, and the quilt show. Maybe I should put my credit card in a block of ice in the freezer, its starting to sound like an expensive weekend.


  5. What a thrill to win two ribbons – congratulations!!!
    Thanks too for the details of the shop in Hastings – a new one on me. We will be travelling to Hastings (via Hamilton) next week to catch up with rellies, so will check out the quilt shop.


  6. Have a fun trip, and don’t think you’ve gotten lost trying to find the quilt shop, when you turn up in a residential street. It is surrounded by houses, with the big shopping complex round the corner.
    Thanks for visiting.


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