What was I thinking! After finding I used only 12 of the 28 wonky log cabin blocks I created for an earlier quilt, I followed Daughter #2’s advice and joined the remaining blocks together to make another top. After a brief look, Daughter #1 informed me the quilt made her eyes bleed, and could I please use it as a quilt back.

The offending quilt block.
The offending quilt top.

Okay, so its a little bright.

Unfortunately I now have the problem of having invested time and money in something, that on second thoughts, was not worthy of said time and money. What to do? I could give it away in the Orphan Quilt Adoption Event organised at Quilting is more fun than Housework. That would just be cruel though, as its new owner might just put it out of its misery. Presuming of course someone was mad enough to want it.

Meanwhile, it’s like a sore tooth, and I keep taking it out, looking at it, then putting it away again. I want to clear the decks before I start a new project, so I really need a solution. I’m not willing to throw too many more resources in this quilts direction, so I purchased a bit of blue homespun to see if framing the quilt might help. it worked with my postage stamp quilt, and that contained even more colour.

Meanwhile, progress on the Gypsy Wife #2  has stalled, due to time spent finishing other WIP’s. I have used most of the useable scraps from my Symposium scrap collection, so I am cutting into stash now. I placed an order with Southern Fabric for the fabric that runs like shawl tassels through the quilt. Hopefully I will get back to this soon.

The Gypsy Wife #2 abandoned on the design board.
The Gypsy Wife #2 abandoned on the design board.

In an effort to use up more scraps, I decided to join the Scrap Vortex QAL with Crazy Mom Quilts. I sat and sewed scraps together for an hour, then came to the conclusion I am so over these fabrics, I don’t think I can face sewing with them at the moment. So, I am thinking of binning these scraps and moving on. I will follow the QAL, and remember it for a future scrap quilt when my scrap pile gets refreshed.


The scrap project I’ve been spending most of my time on is still in the planning stage. I grabbed a heap of scraps from the Arts Recycling Centre last month, and have been ironing and cutting these into squares of various sizes. The plan is to combine them with some of the Thimbleberry blocks I also bought, and make my first row quilt. After umpteen hours of ironing and cutting, I have pathetic little piles of squares in my storage boxes. It takes sooo long, but since only a handful of pre-cuts are available in the five quilt shops in town, I will keep cutting.

My 2 1/2 inch square collection. There are so many hours invested in these square, they must be the most expensive mini-charms ever.
My 2 1/2 inch square collection. There are so many hours invested in these square, they must be the most expensive mini-charms ever.

After learning the acronym SABLE (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy), my husband has dared me to only buy fabric once a month. I think this might work, so long as I get to buy more in each transaction, to make up for the lower frequency of acquisition. I will start next fortnight, since I needed some fabric scraps for flying geese for the row quilt this week.

Linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday, Lets Bee Social, and WIP Wednesday.


11 thoughts on “WWIT

  1. Daughters, what can u say! I think your scrap quilt is great, the kind of quilt that makes u smile! No eye bleeding here, haha! Just put a back on it quilt it then cuddle up and enjoy!


  2. I love your log cabin quilt.. it’s so bright & cheerful! (blue always seems to be my ‘go-to’ colour for pulling things together!) And your GW looks like it’s coming along beautifully! Great gypsy looking fabrics with those purples & golds. I’m curious, what colour will the long continuous vertical bits be?


  3. Hi Linda, I’ve decided to take a cue from the Gypsy Wife quilt that was exhibited at QuiltCon and go with alternating dark and light grey, with maybe a hint of purple. I can’t actually remember the fabrics I ordered, but I think one was a Caroline Friedlander crosshatch.


  4. Your daughter probably prefers subtle colours – nothing wrong with your quilt – make it and donate it if you don’t like it as I’m sure someone else will! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday


  5. Oh, I like the look of your GW! It’s something I would like to make but dare not as I would overthink and drive myself crazy over fabric choices and combinations 🙂


  6. i LOVE your wonky log cabin; completely disagree with daughter#1….. no eye bleeding here either.
    it’s lively, and lovely!!!! with a nice backing on it, it would be a perfectly cheery, scrappy quilt!!


  7. One person’s ‘bright ‘ is another one’s ‘dull’. Don’t fret, We can’t love all our projects equally but we can always learn something from each of them. I think the top quilt is beautiful! If you want it gone it would make a great charitable as you mentioned. cheers!


    1. Hi Claire, according to the quilting fraternity the quilt is not too bright, so finish it I will. I visited your blog briefly, and will be back. So many good ideas for scrappy quilts!


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