You know you’re a quilter when…

You know you’re a quilter, when finding other Quilters cast-off blocks feels like uncovering hidden treasures.

A few months ago I found some blocks at the Arts Recovery Centre, cast off by our Guild when cleaning out the attic, so to speak. Yesterday I needed a finish, just to feel like I was keeping on control of the pile of quilty things gathering dust in my outside room. Instead of finishing something big, I decided to tackle something small and simple.

Out came an appliquéd block and a pillow form, purchased at some stage in the distant past. It had shifted from the Manawatu, to the Waikato, then back again….so it was about time it was used, before it qualified as a mid-century antique, and gained significantly in value.P1060977

And in a short time, I had a cushion for the sofa.

Of course it’s never that simple is it? Amongst other things the cushion required a trip to a local fabric shop (Morelands Fabrics) to buy fabric for the backing. Why none of my existing fabric was suitable, I don’t know, but I was glad to find this little print. While there I also bought a dress pattern, and several zips for $1 each. P1060978While I was away shopping, Daughter #2 made a zippered pouch, based on my rough description of something  I had seen in bogland during the previous week.P1060975She needed something to house her art supplies in, given her recent interest (obsession?) in zen-tangle.P1060976

She suggested I make one with my left over fabric, even offering to guide me through my first zipper insertion. It all went surprising well, except when I got the machine needle stuck in the zipper, requiring her to rescue her machine from me. Given my recent problems with Brunhild, I now have a history of expensive machine repairs to live down.

As a result of her patience and persistence, I have now crossed “putting in a zipper”, off the list of “sewing things I am fearful of, or just plain avoiding”.

My pouch, complete with zipper!
My pouch, complete with zipper!

This just leaves paper piecing, hand-sewing on a binding, buttonholes, garment sewing and appliqué on the list.

One thing at a time, right?


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