WIP Wednesday – Chasing away the Winter blues

The centre medallion from my MAO quilt. yes, there is an extra seam in there….don’t ask!

I started this project with a hiss and a roar, but it’s now whimpering in the corner, calling out…. “Finish Me”.

I confess to having gotten a little distracted of late, finishing off one quilt,  and starting another. Then there’s the time spent putting things in online shopping carts, then taking them out again. I keep reminding myself I will need the cash to buy fabric in person next week when we go away. 25 years married just happens to coincide with a conference over the ditch, so the in-laws will hold down the home front while we go catch some sun in Oz. After the Winter and Spring we have had so far, I am looking forward to seeing the sun.P1070245

This section of the Midnight at the Oasis quilt represents my first excursion into paper piecing. It had its ups and downs. The first problem was that I designed the template wrong, but that was surmountable (in future I will remember to not add a quarter inch to the fold line, duh!). The second issue was engaging my brain to understand how to attach the various pieces together. I was almost ready to give up and go seek help, but after taking a break for a few hours, I puzzled it out.

I cheated a bit with the centre appliqué section, inserting just one circle of fabric, and satin stitching it around the edges to fix. I came to the conclusion that learning one new skill per section was sufficient.

Midnight at the Oasis, the sunny version.

I have the petal blocks almost ready for the first border, minus one I filched for the previous quilt. I need to blanket stitch around the petals….should take “just” a day or so. As you can see, I am aiming for “bright and cheerful”. Bright enough to chase away the Winter blues.

Hope your week is going well.

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8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Chasing away the Winter blues

  1. You are entering my favourite season…. And ours is now coming to an end. Your orange peels are lovely. I tend to make bright and colourful projects in the spring, too. Helps to cheer you up! Good for you finishing up your MAO quilt. It’s far too cute to sit unfinished any longer. And by the way… Happy 25th Anniversary, Tarnia! Hope you two enjoy your time away!


  2. You are brave putting together a medallion quilt! They are beautiful, but so intimidating. I really love your pedals, they are a lot of work too! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on this one.


    1. From my limited experience with medallion quilts, they do seem to be quite unforgiving of inaccurate seam allowances. Luckily this one has the occasional solid border, allowing it to be corrected if it has grown a little large or small. Thanks for visiting.


  3. Your petal blocks are spectacular. Wrapped in a quilt with petal blocks would certainly chase away any winter blues hanging around me! I haven’t tried paper piecing yet. I’ll have to grow dissatisfied with machine piecing first.


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