Not a Wedding Quilt

My SIL-to-be was visiting my Mum last week and admired the lap quilt I made her for Christmas. My dear old Mum then asked her if she would like me to make her a wedding quilt.

Quilt #1, virtually identical to Quilt #2. I think I am the only person buying this cheater fabric from my LQS.

If I were younger, I would insert an expletive at this point. I mean who in their right mind volunteers someone else to make a wedding quilt? Only a non-quilter of course.

After losing sleep over it for a night, I came up with a solution. I re-created the lap quilt my SIL-to-be had seen at Mums place, and sewed like a mad thing all weekend to get it done. It’s now waiting to go in the post. Better a quilt in hand, than the vague possibility of one next year.

No doubt the guilt will eventually pass, and I may yet make them a wedding quilt, but it will be my decision to do so, made after carefully reviewing my existing workload and capabilities. I couldn’t do anything but my best for such a special quilt after all!

I’d like to say this decision-making occurred as a result of my new resolve to ignore the word “should” in my life, but it was actually The Hubbie who talked me out of committing to making a Wedding Quilt. Occasionally, he just makes good sense.

Happy quilting, and have a good week.




5 thoughts on “Not a Wedding Quilt

  1. Oh my goodness! I would have been so appalled to have someone offer to have me make them a quilt. Looks like you handled it perfectly. Good for you.:}


    1. Thanks, it is a great cheater print. A Japanese fabric, and really good quality. Moreland Fabrics seem to be bringing in a lot of Japanese quilt fabrics of late. At half the price of the LQS, it makes quilting a bit more affordable.


  2. oh, goodness! mothers. =) always volunteering. and who says yes to such an offer?! but you’ve got a quilt you know she likes done and off to her now. what a good sport you are. i’m glad it was a quick fix.


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