Starting Embroidery

I thought I would commemorate my ventures into stitching with a post. In a couple of years, I can look back and hoot with laughter at my first stitches. At least, I hope they are going to drastically improve!

I attended the February meeting of the local Embroiderers Guild last week. It was a little different from the Quilt Guild Meetings, more formal, with white gloves worn for show and tell. Shorter too, which meant I was home and in bed by a reasonable hour. Our quilt meetings sometimes run a little late, closer to 11pm than 10:30pm. Too late for this early riser.

Joining the Guild and taking up embroidery is something I have been moving toward since last year. I finally made contact with the Guild via a class mate at a recent Lisa Walton beading class I attended.

My beading sampler from the Lisa Walton class. The funny little stick man is supposed to be a cursive “t”. I think more practice is required.

Since attending the meeting I have had a few lessons on appliqué with a friend, and have buttonhole stitched a blue and yellow cow for a neonatal quilt (no photos, sorry).

My tutor “gifted” me this pile of material and flying geese, which I decided I would pair with some stitcheries to create more neonatal quilts.P1070937

Choosing something to stitch proved overwhelming when faced with a pile of her magazines. I eventually found a pattern for a few wonky, rustic hearts which should serve the purpose. Here is my first attempt:P1070940

My stitches are very uneven, and I managed to sew my skirt to the fabric twice, the fabric to the back once, and get knots in the perle 8 once as well. I used internet tutorials for the backstitch and daisy stitch, though the blue line was originally meant to be stem stitch. Maybe next time.

I wasn’t using a hoop, since I do find it easier without one, but tonight I will re-do the pattern using a hoop, and see how it compares. I’m hoping that the second or third version will be good enough to use in a quilt. Practice makes perfect.

I traced on the pattern using a lead pencil, you can still see the marks. My question is whether this washes out easily, or whether I should change to a Frixion or other pen.

I was surprised how fast this was to do, and I enjoyed completing the project while watching “The Expanse” with the family. It’s nice to have something to stitch which doesn’t involve hiding outside in my quilt room.

Connecting up with Silly Mama Quilts this week for a new link party.


One thought on “Starting Embroidery

  1. How wonderful for you! Sounds like you’ve found another love and I bet with time your stitches will be as lovely as you want them to be. I don’t think you can remove lead pencil, so I would try any type of quilting marker. If you like Frixon, I think that would be alright but I’m a baby embroiderer too.


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