Scraps versus Pokemon

Scraptastic Tuesday

When not conveying the offspring around town in their efforts to capture Pokemon, I have been ploughing through another scrap quilt. I have been quietly encouraging the Pokemon addiction, since it encourages exercise, and gives me lots of quiet time to get things done.

Apparently whole families are taking to town after dark to look for Pokemon, especially in public areas where others have laid lures to entrap them. This is probably as much as many of us want to know about Pokemon, especially if like me, you suffered (and I do mean suffered) through many Pokemon movies while your children were growing up.


Back to quilting.

Since Orlando there has been a big push to make quilts to support the LGBTQI community, victims families, and the local first responders. Now Orlando is a long way from where I live, so I have been wondering quite what to do. I recently ran into the leader of the local Queer student group, to whom I had given a quilt last year. To my amusement they stuck the quilt on the wall, and declared it art. They even insisted on a label with artists description, which they wrote themselves

In all honesty, I know my creative limitations, and art it was not. However, since the quilt is on the wall, it isn’t performing the function I originally constructed it for, which is keeping people warm during their meetings in a cold, draughty, meeting room. So, instead of making something for Orlando, I suggested to him I make another quilt for the group.

As you know, scraps reproduce like bunnies whenever you close your studio door at night, leading to an inexhaustible supply. This is great for making wonky log cabin quilts, since the more scraps the better, in my opinion. After making a dozen 12 1/2 inch squares, here is my original scrap container…


looking just as full as when I started. And the blocks so far…


I am thinking of doing a border incorporating the colours of the various queer flags, separated by a solid or shot cotton in tan or cream. This would increase the size, but also mean it could be used as a tablecloth during student orientation events…unless they stick it on the wall again.


Any opinions?


And as for the trimmings, I am learning to let them go. It’s still painful, after all there are bits in there I can use. But I tell myself that by donating them to my local kindergarten, I am encouraging future textile artists. Plus, it means I might actually reach the end of my scraps sooner, and start using up some stash. Meanwhile, I shall leave the light on in my studio tonight, and see if that slows the rate of scrap reproduction.

Have a great week. I shall be hiding from the torrential rain and gale force winds apparently heading our way. Great quilting weather!

Connecting up to Scraptastic Tuesday and Lorna at Sew Fresh quilts.


6 thoughts on “Scraps versus Pokemon

  1. I have found that you just never know what people will do with the quilts you make them. And I’ve learned to let it go. I enjoy the process, but once it’s in their hands it’s theirs to do with as they wish. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one ends up on the wall again. But that’s okay. Warm bodies, warm hearts–both are wonderful results of a quilty gift.


    1. I have been wondering whether to back the next quilt in minky. Then it would be really cuddly, but then again, you are probably right. I shall channel Disney and just “Let it go”. Thanks for visiting.


  2. I agree. I gifted a hand appliqued, hand quilted, prize winning quilt to a close family member. She proudly showed me a photo of it covering their sofa and flopped on daily! I also knit pure wool baby singlets for a health initiative, they are given to struggling young mothers – a friend who drives an ambulance said “Don’t waste your time and money”. She said she has been in houses where things are just not looked after. BUT….I know how my heart is when I give things and that is what counts.


    1. Good on you, keep knitting. You never know when that gift will be the difference in a newborn being warm enough, or not. Knitting and I don’t get along, so I tend to crochet blankets instead. Thanks for visiting.


  3. How lovely that they apprectiated it so much. This one could be art too though but both can be appreciated on the body as much as on the wall!


  4. Yes, it is always nice when a quilt is appreciated. I never know what to think when I mail a quilt off, then never hear from the recipient thanks for visiting.


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