2017 Finish-A-Long Q1


2017 FAL BUTTON 300.jpg

I will attempt to polish off a few finishes this quarter, but only a few.

Since I want to find time to play with improv, I figure it’s best to schedule only those WIP’s that are annoying me by hanging around, taunting me with their stray threads and creases.

The really big WIP’s, with lots still to do…. well, they can wait a bit longer. That’s what big closets with closing doors were invented for.

So, drumroll please….

  1. First up is the Midnight at the Oasis quilt. I finished the top today (woohoo!), so this one (just) needs basting, quilting and binding.p1090006
  2. My third Gypsy Wife quilt. This one is going to be re-purposed as something, maybe a baby quilt. I made the economy squares, and a couple of the sections, but lost the urge to complete it after that. I didn’t like one of the blocks, but had already sewn that section together. So, it got put in a box… in a closet…..P1070934
  3. Lastly, a little improv quilt from a QAL last year. This one needs basting, quilting and binding, but it isn’t too big, so shouldn’t take too long. I’m not sure what will happen to this one, as it was an experiment. Maybe it will be my first mini quilt, hopefully the first of many. After watching a crafty class on walking foot quilting, I’m thinking of tackling this one with matchstick quilting. Being on the small size means I shouldn’t give up, before getting to a 1/8 inch quilting distance. All that dense quilting will probably mean grey thread, with the odd line of red running through.p1080322

And that is it. If I can finish these three, I will be a very, very, happy quilter indeed.

Hoping you are having a great week.

Linking up to the Ist Quarter FAL.



2 thoughts on “2017 Finish-A-Long Q1

    1. Hi Jenny, it looks like you have been making the most of your caravan over the last little while to get away. I’ve never gone caravanning, but with the start to our summer that we are experiencing, I can see the appeal. Apparently Stuff has an article in it today about sunless Palmerston North, hopefully the Horowhenua is slightly sunnier this year.


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